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Harriet Stratemeyer Adams

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Harriet Adams (born December 11, 1892 in Newark, New Jersey as Harriet Stratemeyer, died March 27, 1982) was an American juvenile mystery novelist and publisher who authored some 200 books over her literary career. She wrote many books in the Nancy Drew series and a few in the Hardy Boys series under the pseudonyms Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon. She also oversaw other ghostwriters who wrote for these and many other series. She was the daughter of Edward Stratemeyer and, with her sister Edna, took over control of the Stratemeyer Syndicate upon his death in 1930. Adams is primarily credited with keeping the Syndicate afloat through the Great Depression, and with revising the two most popular series, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, in the 1950s and 1960s, removing stereotypes and outdated ideas and language.

Adams graduated from Wellesley College in 1914. She resided in Maplewood, New Jersey, and in Pottersville, New Jersey, an area within Bedminster Township.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Children's Fiction
Tom Swift
   36. Tom Swift and His Television Detector (1933)
     aka Trailing the Secret Plotters
   37. Tom Swift and His Ocean Airport (1934)
     aka Foiling the Haargolanders
   38. Tom Swift and His Planet Stone (1935)
     aka Discovering the Secret of Another World
   39. Tom Swift and His Giant Telescope (1939)
   40. Tom Swift and His Magnetic Silence (1941)
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Hardy Boys
   25. The Secret Panel (1946)
   43. Mystery of the Aztec Warrior (1964)
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
   30. The Clue of the Velvet Mask (1953)
   31. The Ringmaster's Secret (1953)
   32. The Scarlet Slipper Mystery (1954)
   33. The Witch Tree Symbol (1955)
   34. The Hidden Window Mystery (1956)
   35. The Haunted Showboat (1957)
   36. The Secret of the Golden Pavilion (1959)
   37. The Clue in the Old Stagecoach (1960)
   38. The Mystery of the Fire Dragon (1961)
   39. The Clue of the Dancing Puppet (1962)
   40. The Moonstone Castle Mystery (1963)
   41. The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes (1964)
   42. The Phantom of Pine Hill (1965)
   43. The Mystery of the 99 Steps (1966)
   44. The Clue in the Crossword Cipher (1966)
   45. The Spider Sapphire Mystery (1968)
   46. The Invisible Intruder (1969)
   47. The Mysterious Mannequin (1970)
   48. The Crooked Banister (1971)
   49. The Secret of Mirror Bay (1972)
   50. The Double Jinx Mystery (1973)
   51. The Mystery of the Glowing Eye (1974)
   52. The Secret of the Forgotten City (1975)
   53. The Sky Phantom (1975)
   54. The Strange Message in the Parchment (1976)
   55. Mystery of Crocodile Island (1978)
   56. The Thirteenth Pearl (1978)

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