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Heather Marie Adkins

Heather Adkins is an independent fiction novelist and avid bibliophile with the library to prove it.

Heather started writing sixteen years ago when she really wanted to be like R.L. Stine. Several never-to-be-seen novels later, she may have changed her mind a bit and started writing whatever she felt was right. To date, she has dabbled in numerous genres including chick lit, historical romance, horror, mystery, and various forms of the paranormal. Her influences include Jennifer Crusie, Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, and Jim Butcher. She first began publishing her work in June 2011, much to the chagrin of her mother.
She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, though all that got her in the end was a shattered pinkie finger that no longer bends. On the bright side, she types faster with nine fingers than most people do with ten. She loves to travel and would give her good pinkie and her soul for a cottage in Ireland where she could write in peace. As it is, she has to fight through a lifetime’s worth of distractions just to write ten sentences. She also enjoys gardening, cooking, and reading when she has time to do so.

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Fierce and Fated (2018) (with Sarah Zolton Arthur, C J Beaumont, CJ Beaumont, Sarah Biglow, April Canavan, Daniella Clark, Elena Gray, Valia Lind, Kelli McCracken, Candace Sams, Brantwijn Serrah, Liza Street and Molly Zenk)
Rebels and Renegades (2019) (with Margo Bond Collins, Conno, Pauline Creeden, J A Culican, Laura Greenwood, Jen L Grey, Rebecca Hamilton, Rosemary A Johns, N R Larry, Jennifer Laslie, Carysa Locke and Skye MacKinnon)
Paranormal Academy (2019) (with April Canavan, May Dawson, Rebecca Ethington, Scarlett Haven, Lena Mae Hill, Angela Kulig, Elena Lawson, K N Lee and LJ Swallow)
The Halloween Collection (2011) (with Julia Crane, Lizzy Ford, Talia Jager, P J Jones, Shéa MacLeod, M Edward McNally, Alan Nayes and Jack Wallen)
The Holiday Collection (2011) (with Julia Crane, Lizzy Ford, Talia Jager, P J Jones, M Edward McNally, Alan Nayes and Jack Wallen)
Indie Chicks (2012) (with Anne R Allen, Dani Amore (Dan Ames), Prue Batten, Danielle Blanchard, M A Comley, Daniel Da Cruz, Christine DeMaio-Rice, Donna Fasano, Lizzy Ford, Melissa Foster, Sibel Hodge, Carol Davis Luce, Shéa MacLeod, Karen McQuestion, Katherine Owen, Cheryl Shireman, Barbara Silkstone, Suzanne Tyrpak, Linda Lee Welch and Sarah Woodbury)
Ms. Adventures in Travel (2012) (with Heather Adkins, Peg Brantley, Ch, Karin Cox, Patrice Fitzgerald, LK Gardner-Griffe, Christy Hayes, Sibel Hodge, Carol Davis Luce, Faith Mortimer, Cheryl Shireman, Melissa Smith, Louise Voss, Linda Lee Welch, Elizabeth West, Sarah Woodbury and Georgina Young-Ellis)
The Eclective: The Apocalypse Collection (2012) (with Emma Jameson, P J Jones, M Edward McNally, Alan Nayes, R G Porter and Tara West)
Twisted Fairy Tales (2016) (with Susan Burdorf, Jill Cooper, Erin Danzer, Victoria Escobar, J Laslie, K Laslie, Bethany Lopez, Elizabeth Sharp and Magan Vernon)
Mischief and Magic (2019) (with Mary Abshire, Tricia Barr, Jesse Booth, April Canavan, J N Colon, Carly Fall, Casey Hagen, Erica Gerald Mason and Candace Sams)
In the Shadows (2019) (with Dorothy Dreyer, Lyn Forester, LA Kirk, S Lawrence, Lexi Ostrow and Brea Viragh)
Relics and Runes (2019) (with CK Dawn, N J Ember, Tameri Etherton, Aiki Flinthart, Lee French, Mirren Hogan, Robyn Jenkins, Amir Lane, Jennifer Ann Schlag, Tiffany Shand, Kimbra Swain and Muffy Wilson)
Sordid Depths (2019) (with Jennifer Laslie)
Shadows and Sorcery (2019) (with Jolie St Amant, Bella Andrews, Linzi Baxter, Samantha Britt, Harper A Brooks, Elle Cross, C C Dowling, Dorothy Dreyer, Lexi C Foss, Everly Frost, Khardine Gray, Jen L Grey, Emma Hamm, Jenna Lee Joyce, Nicole Kelley, S Lawrence, Miranda Lynn, Lexi Ostrow, Dani René, Alex H Singh, D A Stein, J R Thorn, Brea Viragh, Caleb Wachter, Mikel J Wilson and Yumoyori Wilson)
Souls and Shadows (2019) (with Normandie Alleman, Bella Andrews, Anna Applegate, Angelique Armae, Sharon Ashwood, Michele Barrow-Belisle, Calliope Bay, Adrienne Blake, Claire Davon, Emerald Dodge, Normandie Fischer, Jenny Foster, D C Gomez, Rebecca Hamilton, Robert T Jeschonek, Cora Kenborn, Julie Kramer, JT Lawrence, Stefan Lear, S A McClure, Nicole Morgan, Sabrina Ramoth, Dani RenA, Candace Sams, McKayla Schutt, Tamar Sloan, Lori Titus and E M Whittaker)
Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
A Midsummer Night's Sidhe (2016) (with Victoria Escobar, Kolin Gates, J Laslie, Jennifer Laslie, K Laslie, Brittany White, Ava Lynn Wood and Ava Wood)
Spirits & Spells (2018) (with Alex Owens)