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Alexandra Burt

Alexandra Burt is a freelance translator based in the US. Born near Frankfurt in Germany, she moved to Texas 20 years ago. While pursuing literary translations, she decided to tell her own stories. After years of writing classes and gluttonous reading, her short fiction has appeared in fiction journals and literary reviews. She also teaches short story writing at a local college.

Genres: Mystery
   Remember Mia (2015)
     aka Little Girl Gone
   The Good Daughter (2017)
   Shadow Garden (2020)
   Lone Star Lawless (2017) (with Gale Albright, V P Chandler, Kaye George, Janice Hamrick, Scott Montgomery, Laura Oles, Mark Pryor, Terry Shames and Kathy Waller)
Alexandra Burt recommends
The Boy At the Door (2018)
Alex Dahl
"The Boy at the Door is a stunning debut! Alex Dahl has crafted an extraordinary plot; intricate and twisted with dark secrets emerging at every turn."
The Children's Secret (2021)
Nina Monroe
"The Children's Secret has it all: part mystery and part thriller and completely engrossing. Peel back the layers of a tragedy showcasing how powerful secrets can be. This is not an ordinary whodunit - it's gripping and relevant and thought-provoking - and you won't be able to put it down."

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