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Calle J Brookes

aka C J Brookes

Calle Jaye is fun, playful, ironic, professional and sophisticated. Shes super-educated in the field of fiction and would spend most of her time walking around in Book World (or eBook World).

Does she have slight control freak tendencies? Yep. Why else would she chose to self-publish?

In her day job she gets to read romance novels. In her night job she gets to write them!

Her favorite color is bold purple. She likes rock like Kid Rock, Shinedown, and Nickelback. Add in a bit of Anastacia and Adelle, too.

She collects rocks. Watches crime dramas. Abhors Lifetime Movies and Titanic (especially Leo) and refuses to read or write about sparkly teen vampires.

She's married to a cop she strongly suspects is a vampire. They've made vampire babies, too.

They live in Indiana with their vampire relatives and their vampire dogs.

Genres: Romantic Suspense, Romance, Mystery, Paranormal Romance