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Emily Bleeker

Emily Bleeker is a former educator who learned to love writing while teaching a writer’s workshop. After surviving a battle with a rare form of cancer, she finally found the courage to share her stories, starting with her debut novel, Wreckage, followed by the Wall Street Journal bestseller When I’m Gone. Emily currently lives with her family in suburban Chicago.

Genres: Mystery, Literary Fiction
Emily Bleeker recommends
All the Little Children (2017)
Jo Furniss
"Jo Furniss weaves a terrifyingly realistic story of survival and resilience in her debut novel, All the Little Children. With a story that’s heart-pounding in pace and heart-wrenching in content, this up-and-coming author brings to life the universal plight of parenthood - how do I protect my children? Furniss answers this question and more with a chilling and beautifully woven tale that will keep you up turning the pages and wondering, ‘What if this happened to me?’"
The Good Liar (2018)
Catherine McKenzie
"Catherine McKenzie has done it again with her latest novel, The Good Liar. In yet another page-turner, three women, linked by trauma, transform from images seen through the camera’s lens into human and relatable characters as their layered lives come into focus. As you settle in for this tense and compelling ride, you’ll start to question who ‘the good liar’ really is—Cecily, Kate, witnesses, the media, friends, family, or maybe even Catherine McKenzie herself."
The Singing Trees (2021)
Boo Walker
"Boo Walker’s The Singing Trees filled my heart with a song that echoed inside me long after I’d read the last sentence. With his skill at storytelling on display, Walker deftly takes the reader on a journey through the choices and sacrifices facing those who are caught in creativity’s siren call in this tale of love, sacrifice, and ultimately forgiveness. Bring tissues because there will be tears, but the good kind—the kind that let you know you are alive."
The New Neighbor (2022)
Carter Wilson
"I can never resist a book with a well-written, unreliable narrator, and Carter Wilson nails just that in his tautly written thriller, The New Neighbor. I couldn't bear to put this page-turner down until I figured out every single detail in Wilson's suspenseful and twist-ridden story of loss, mourning, and new starts that asks if money can ever buy happiness and even if it does-at what cost?"

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