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Thriller-writer Carter Wilson was born in New Mexico and grew up in Los Angeles before attending school at Cornell University. He has journeyed the globe both for work and pleasure, and his travels to Jerusalem were the inspiration behind Final Crossing, which was released in June 2012 by Vantage Point Books. Carter is represented by Pamela Ahearn of the Ahearn Agency and is a member of the International Thriller Writer's organization.
He currently lives in a spooky Victorian house in Colorado with his two children.

Genres: Mystery
Carter Wilson recommends
Her Pretty Face (2018)
Robyn Harding
"Robyn Harding’s Her Pretty Face is a fierce and blazing one-sitting read that will make you question even your closest friendships. With prose elegantly woven between sinister, humorous, brutally honest, and downright horrifying, Harding crafts an all-too-believable narrative that preys upon every parent’s greatest vulnerability: their children. Her Pretty Face will undoubtedly spike paranoia levels in school car lines everywhere."
A Room Full of Night (2019)
TR Kenneth
"TR Kenneth spins an intricate mystery into a full-blown geopolitical thriller with A Room Full of Night, masterfully connecting a frozen-in-time, World War II-era Berlin apartment with today's fraught political climate. The stakes are as high as they get, and the author's impeccable research never lets you forget this story is a breath away from non-fiction. Greed, power lust, vengeance--and just the right dash of hope--is a recipe for success with Kenneth's compelling read."
Stolen Things (2019)
R H Herron
"R.H. Herron’s Stolen Things is a powerful debut. With tight, cutting prose and a breakneck pace, Herron crafts a haunting tale of a family’s shattering inflection point. Tragic, twisty, and timely, Stolen Things keeps you guessing while simultaneously breaking your heart a little. Thriller readers will surely be adding R.H. Herron to their favorite-author list."
The Network (2019)
(Jack Logan, book 1)
L C Shaw
"THE NETWORK is a thriller with all the right ingredients: power-drunk capitalists, corrupt politicians, existential moral questions, and global conspiracies spawning life-or-death consequences. Add into the mix well-crafted characters and the result is a recipe for success. With Shaw's breakneck pacing, intricate twists, and constant cliffhangers, thriller fans will blaze though this book in one sitting."
My Midnight Sun (2020)
John Shors
"My Midnight Sun, in its essence, is an alluring tale of tragic loss and a man's desperate search for an emotional salve. It's also an intriguing study of a complex relationship between two people with little in common except for a need to save and be saved. Set against exotic locations ranging from the suffocating streets of Bangkok to the dangerous solitude of the Nepalese mountains, My Midnight Sun is a compelling read."
Before She Was Helen (2020)
Caroline B Cooney
"Caroline Cooney's Before She Was Helen is a clever whodunnit featuring an immensely likable septuagenarian heroine with a tragic past. Cooney is deft at weaving together the mysteries of a fifty-year-old cold case murder and a still-warm body at a retirement community, slowly unveiling a slew of possible motives and suspects for both crimes. Loaded with action, fast-paced, and offering a series of emotional punches, this book will leave mystery lovers wanting more."
The Secret Next Door (2021)
Rebecca Taylor
"A taut, chilling glimpse inside the homes of an affluent community built on lies, secrets, and tragedy...The Secret Next Door is a thoughtful and cunning mystery that will hit close to home for legions of bedroom-community dwellers."
They Drown Our Daughters (2022)
Katrina Monroe
"At turns chilling, evocative, and beautifully tragic, They Drown Our Daughters is a mesmerizing tale of familial sorrow. Katrina Monroe plays this one just right, drawing you in gently before unleashing the full force of her power...just like her wraith of the water. Moreover, Monroe will have readers more afraid of the sea than any author since Benchley. A superb read."

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