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After picking the five-string banjo in Charleston and Nashville and then a few years toying with Wall Street, Boo Walker chased a wine dream across the country to Red Mountain in eastern Washington with his dog, Tully Mars. They landed in a double-wide trailer on five acres of vines, where Boo grew out a handlebar mustache, bought a horse, and took a job working for the Hedges family, who taught him the art of farming and the old world philosophies of wine.

Recently leaving their gentleman's farm on Red Mountain, Boo and his family are back on the east coast in St. Pete, Florida. As he wraps up the second book of the Red Mountain series, he's got his eyes and ears open, building his next cast of characters. No doubt the Sunshine City will be host to the next few novels. Boo's bestselling page-turners are instilled with the culture of the places he's lived, the characters he's encountered, and a passion for unexpected adventure.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Romance, General Fiction, Thriller

Boo Walker recommends
The Good Stranger (2020)
(Kate Bradley Mystery, book 3)
Dete Meserve
"The Good Stranger is a heartwarming joyride that will remind you about all the good out there. I tore right through it. The world needs more Dete Meserves."
The Family Ship (2021)
Sonja Yoerg
"Like an anchor tied to your ankle, Sonja Yoerg’s The Family Ship will tug you down into the turbulent waters of the Vergennes family, where you’ll come to care desperately for these wonderfully human characters. As I tore through the mesmerizing finale, a ripe and satisfying grin rose on my face and in my heart. What a superb accomplishment—a tightening noose of a story with delightful characters and vivid imagery. No doubt Yoerg is at the top of her game, and she’ll make you feel young again with this one."
The Hidden Soldier (2021)
Eoin Dempsey
"'I didn't see that coming! Or that!' I yelled across the house as Eoin Dempsey's wonderful World War II book raced to an utterly satisfying wallop of a finale. His spare, dialogue-driven style, matched with his strong knowledge of the war and masterful ability to dance between two time periods, made for one heck of an enjoyable read."
Beyond the Moonlit Sea (2022)
Julianne MacLean
"There's something dazzling about Julianne MacLean's writing, how she sets these small and subtle fires and then slyly connects them in what always promises to ignite into an engulfing blaze of a story. You just never know when she's going to sneak up behind you with a clever twist that gets your heart going. Beyond the Moonlit Sea is her best yet, and you'll have a blast trying to guess where she's going - even though you won't be right. Why are you still here? Buy this book."

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