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Grant Ginder is the author of THIS IS HOW IT STARTS and DRIVER'S EDUCATION. He received his MFA from NYU, where he teaches writing. He lives in Brooklyn.A few summers ago, on the train back to the city from a wedding, a friend of Grants pulled out three bottles of pinot grigio which he had managed to snag from the reception, and which they proceeded to finish in about forty-five minutes. And, as the train winded its way toward Manhattan, the friend turned to Grant with glossy eyes and said Okay, guys, people we hated at the wedding: go. The next day, Grant started writing.

Genres: General Fiction
Grant Ginder recommends
Sociable (2018)
Rebecca Harrington
"With Sociable, Rebecca Harrington has given us a hilarious, charming, and spot-on satire of the Buzzfeed age. It's impossible not to root for Elinor as she navigates her way through work, love, and Instagram. I tore through this book in a single sitting, and so will you."
The High Season (2018)
Judy Blundell
"I tore through this book with the sort of obsessive speed that makes you forget about things like eating and sleeping. On top of tackling tough issues like wealth, family, and class, Judy Blundell treats her characters—be they mothers or daughters, socialites or artists—with more honesty and heart than any writer I know. This isn’t a book that you’ll leave on some beach on Long Island’s North Fork—this is a book you’ll be talking about for a long time to come."
Tell Me Lies (2018)
Carola Lovering
"Riveting. With Tell Me Lies, Carola Lovering has given us a keenly observed, no-holds-barred examination of the mistakes we make under the guise of love. If you've ever fallen for the wrong person--and let's be honest, you probably have--this book is for you."
The Editor (2019)
Steven Rowley
"The Editor will have you weeping tears of joy when it's not quietly breaking your heart. It's a study of mothers and sons, unlikely friendships, and how we go about collecting the scattered pieces of our pasts. It takes guts, humour, and immense talent to write a book like this. Lucky for us, Rowley has plenty of all three."
The Great Unexpected (2019)
Dan Mooney
"A blindingly talented new writer."
The Knockout Queen (2020)
Rufi Thorpe
"I loved The Knockout Queen. A blistering, brilliant look at friendship and violence, suburbia and class, all told by one of the most observant, engaging narrators I’ve read in a very long time. This book is going to stay with me."

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