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Jeanette Baker

USA flag (b.1953)

Jeanette Baker is the award-winning author of fifteen novels, most of them set in the lush countryside of historical and contemporary Ireland where she lives and writes during the summer months. Her ancestors, the Flahertys, hail from Inishmore the largest of the Aran Islands located off the coast of Galway. She takes great pride in the prayer posted by the English over the ancient city gates, 'From the wrath of the O'Flahertys, may the good Lord deliver us.'

Jeanette graduated from the University of California at Irvine and holds a Masters Degree in Education. For the remainder of the year, Jeanette teaches in Southern California and enjoys the company of her grown children. She is the Rita award-winning author of NELL.

Genres: General Fiction, Romance

   Legacy (1996)
   Catriona (1997)
   The Reckoning (1997)
   Irish Lady (1998)
   Nell (1999)
   Irish Fire (2000)
   Spellbound (2001)
   Blood Roses (2002)
     aka This Irish House
   The Delaney Woman (2003)
   Chesapeake Tide (2004)
   A Delicate Finish (2005)
   The Lavender Field (2006)
   Chesapeake Summer (2007)
   Witch Woman (2011)
   Tuesday's Child (2012)
   Hannie Rising (2013)
   Second Lady (2018)
   Birthright (2022)
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (2000) : Nell