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Jay Bonansinga is the co-author of the New York Times bestselling Walking Dead series as well as a screenwriter and filmmaker who has been called one of the most imaginative writers of thrillers by the Chicago Tribune. He is an acclaimed Bram Stoker award finalist and his books have been translated into nine different languages and several have been optioned by major Hollywood studios. Jay lives in Evanston, Illinois and is a visiting professor at both Northwestern and DePaul universities where he teaches screenwriting.

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction
Ulysses Grove
   1. Frozen (2005)
   2. Twisted (2006)
   3. Shattered (2007)
   4. Perfect Victim (2008)
Oswald Means
   1. Saint Oswald (2021)
   The Black Mariah (1994)
   Sick (1995)
   The Killer's Game (1997)
   Audio Phobia (1998)
   Head Case (1998)
   Bloodhound (1999)
   Oblivion (2000)
   The Sleep Police (2001)
   Lucid (2015)
   Self Storage (2016)
thumbthumbthumbno image available
   Candy in the Dumpster (2006) (with others)
   Blood Samples (2013)
   Gothic Blue Book IV (2014) (with Bruce Boston)
Novellas and Short Stories
   The Miniaturist (2011)
Short Stories
Non fiction
   The Sinking Of The Eastland (2004)
   Pinkerton's War (2011)
   Hit Me! (2013) (with Danielle Gomes)
Series contributed to
Walking Dead
   1. Rise of the Governor (2011) (with Robert Kirkman)
   1. 5. Just Another Day at the Office (2012)
   2. The Road to Woodbury (2012) (with Robert Kirkman)
   3. The Fall of the Governor Part One (2013) (with Robert Kirkman)
   4. The Fall of the Governor, Part Two (2014) (with Robert Kirkman)
   5. Descent (2014)
   6. Invasion (2015)
   7. Search and Destroy (2016)
   8. Return to Woodbury (2017)
Anthologies containing stories by Jay R Bonansinga
Short stories
The Need (1995)
Black Celebration (1996)
Glory Hand in the Soft City (1999)

Bram Stoker Best First Novel nominee (1995) : The Black Mariah

Jay R Bonansinga recommends
The Marksman (2023)
Robin G Mercier
"A powerful story . . . an action-packed, character-driven novel . . . beneath the slam-bang action is a heart-felt, complex look at the plight of illegal immigrants who dream of better days for their children. Highly recommended."
The Butcher (2022)
Peter Ely
"Grips you in its spell from the very first page Ely is one to watch. The Butcher is a suspense smorgasbord with a tasty villain and heaping helpings of horror. Recommended."
Alchemy of Glass (2020)
Barbara Barnett
"Anne Rice meets Michael Crichton in this fever dream of a fantasy. Richly textured, terrifying, and somehow timely, Barbara Barnett’s time-jumping tale will keep readers up well past their bedtime. Highly recommended!"
Red Queen (2019)
(Omega Days, book 6)
John L Campbell
"A hell-bent runaway train of a book...like a cross between Max Brooks and James Cameron. Campbell is at the top of his game."
The Chrysalis (2018)
Brendan Deneen
"A brilliant and terrifying fever dream of a tale."
Killing Red (2009)
(Alex Chapa, book 1)
Henry Perez
"Killing Red heralds a meteoric debut! Compulsively readable, crafted with surgical skill, Henry Perez's first novel tells a decade-spanning story of how evil can plant its seeds in the most mundane of all places and then spread like kudzu. Not since Thomas Harris burst onto the scene with Black Sunday has a debut thriller come along that sinks its hooks this deep into a reader from page one. Here's a public service message to all thriller lovers: Do not start this book at night if you want to get any sleep, because you will be up until you cross the finish line - pulse racing, skin sweaty - but happy as hell you decided to go on this magnificent thrill ride. Highest recommendation!"

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