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Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Laurie Buchanan is a holistic health practitioner, transformational life coach, speaker, and author. Her areas of interest include energy medicine, inner alchemy, and spiritual awareness.

Genres: Mystery
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April 2024

(Sean McPherson, book 4)
Sean McPherson
   1. Indelible (2021)
   2. Iconoclast (2022)
   3. Impervious (2023)
   4. Iniquity (2024)
Laurie Buchanan recommends
Behind the Lies (2023)
Maren Cooper
"Deftly built on intrigue and anticipation, the reader anxiously waits on tenterhooks for the other shoe to drop as unflagging tension mounts in this high-caliber, captivating page-turner - a must-read for mystery fans."
Eat and Get Gas (2023)
Jodi Wright
"Storytelling at its best, Eat And Get Gas grabs the reader from page one and doesn't let go. Daily, life confirms for Evan that people can disappoint us even when they love us. But she has three things going for her: soothing music from the pianists next door, the skating rink, and a honeybee bracelet. The unexpected twist at the end is oh-so-worth the wait!"
Last Liar Standing (2022)
Danielle M Wong
"Intense and chilling, Last Liar Standing is a propulsive multilayered thriller enriched by the chaos of greed, manipulation, amnesia, and murder."

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