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Hilary Davidson grew up in Canada, but visited Newfoundland for the first time just last year. "St. John's is truly unique. It's a vibrant city with all of the amenities you'd want. But the friendliness and warmth of the people there make it feel like a small town." Based in New York, Davidson has contributed to magazines as diverse as Discover and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Genres: Mystery

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Anthony Awards Best First Novel winner (2011) : The Damage Done

Hilary Davidson recommends
Land of Shadows (2014)
(Detective Elouise Norton, book 1)
Rachel Howzell Hall
"Intense, gritty and absolutely riveting, Land of Shadows took my breath away. The power of Rachel Howzell Hall's prose and the sophistication of her plotting grabbed me immediately. Even so, her most dazzling accomplishment is bringing to life LAPD detective Lou Norton, whose passionate voice is still reverberating in my head. A phenomenal book I m recommending far and wide. This better be the start of a series!"
Lamentation (2014)
(Jay Porter, book 1)
Joe Clifford
"Some books live on in your mind long after you put them down, and Lamentation is one of them. The novel' perfectly constructed plot unfolds with the thoughtful precision and menace of a cat burglar. The pervasive atmosphere of psychological suspense ratchets up a notch with each page turned. Most of all, it was the voice of Jay Porter, the book's protagonist, that grabbed me from the start cocky and smart, sarcastic yet soulful, barely able to keep his life together yet determined to help his troubled brother. Joe Clifford's talent is exceptional."
Those Girls (2015)
Chevy Stevens
"Taught and riveting."
Follow Me Down (2017)
Sherri Smith
"Instantly addictive and darkly compelling, Follow Me Down is a spectacular suspense. Sherri Smith is a bold, brave talent."
Yesterday (2017)
(Hans Richardson, book 1)
Felicia Yap
"Hypnotic and haunting, Yesterday confidently blends suspense, noir, and science fiction to construct a truly original, breathtaking story. Felicia Yap's debut is a work of genius."
Black Swan Rising (2018)
Lisa Brackmann
"Reading Black Swan Rising is like peering into a dark mirror that perfectly captures the societal turmoil and fractures of our time. Thrilling and provocative, this is Lisa Brackmann at the top of her game."
Murder at the Mena House (2020)
(Jane Wunderly Mystery, book 1)
Erica Ruth Neubauer
"It's no small feat to bring 1920s colonial Egypt to life, but Murder at the Mena House does far more than that. It's an elegant mystery--written with wit, style, and heart--and Jane Wunderly is an unforgettable sleuth. Erica Neubauer's debut is an absolute delight."
The Cipher (2020)
(Nina Guerrera, book 1)
Isabella Maldonado
"Intense, harrowing, and instantly addictive, The Cipher took my breath away. Isabella Maldonado has created an unforgettable heroine in Nina Guerrera, a dedicated FBI agent and trauma survivor with unique insight into the mind of a predator. This riveting story is everything a thriller should be."
They're Gone (2020)
E A Barres
"Intense, gritty and absolutely riveting, E.A. Barres’s perfectly constructed plot unfolds with the thoughtful precision and menace of a cat burglar. They’re Gone seamlessly blends heart-pounding action with searing social commentary. This thriller has a deliciously dark wit that makes for an unforgettable read."
L. A. Burning (2022)
D C Taylor
"Some books stay with you long after you finish them, and I can't get Cody Bonner's voice out of my head. Tough, resourceful, and hell-bent on revenge for the death of her twin sister, she leads us on a thrilling yet heartbreaking journey through some of LA's most glittering - and meanest - streets. Unforgettable, original, and highly recommended."
Backstory (2022)
William L Myers Jr
"Taut, tense, and thrilling, Backstory traces the fault line between an amnesiac's violent past and his dangerous present. When the two collide, it's with the force of an earthquake. William L. Myers, Jr., has written a twisted, suspenseful story that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page."

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