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Pierre Boulle

France (1912 - 1994)

Pierre Boulle was born in 1912 at Avignon. Boulle spent the Second World War fighting in Yunnan, Calcutta and Indo-Chine, where he was captured by the Japanese. After the war he lived in Malaya, the Cameroons and, finally, Paris, where he settled until his death in 1994.

Genres: Science Fiction
Series contributed to
Non fiction
Short stories
The Age of Wisdom (1966)
The Diabolical Weapon (1966)
E=mc2 (1966)
The Enigmatic Saint (1966)
The Hallucination (1966)
Love and Gravity (1966)
The Lunians (1966)
The Man Who Hated Machines (1966)
The Man Who Picked Up Pins (1966)
The Miracle (1966)
The Perfect Robot (1966)
Time Out of Mind [short story] (1966)

Books about Pierre Boulle
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