Thomas Burke

UK flag (1886 - 1945)

Influenced by his early experiences in London's Limehouse district (a haunt for sailors, dock-workers, and Chinese immigrants), Thomas Burke wrote "Limehouse Nights", a collection of tales about his experiences in the district. It was published in 1916 and established his writing career. In the years that followed, Burke would write many stories about the dark underside of life, featuring the uncanny and the grotesque.
Anthologies containing stories by Thomas Burke
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Short stories
Beautiful Doll
The Black Stick
Estella and Dolores
The Message
Mysterious Disappearance
Proud Mother
The Purple Star
Roses Round the Door
Sonata in Scarlet
Sweet and Low
The Yellow Box
The Yellow Imps
The Bird (1916)
The Dumb Wife (1921)
The Bloomsbury Wonder [short story] (1929)
The Hollow Man (1935)
The Horrible God (1935)
The Lonely Inn (1935)
Yesterday Street (1935)