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C M Carney

After reading an editorial claiming Dungeons and Dragons drove kids to worship dark forces in the sewers, C.M. Carney's mother immediately bought it for him. He was ten, and it's probably a good thing he was afraid of sewers. Since then he has been obsessed with reading, writing and playing all things fantasy and science fiction.

After spending nearly two decades working as a creative executive for an animation and SFX studio, C.M. decided to pursue his lifelong dream of writing and publishing novels and short stories.

He writes sci-fi, fantasy and LitRPG that run the gamut from epic to humorous. His first novel Barrow King: Book One of The Realms was published in February 2018 and has become a #1 Bestseller in Norse and Viking Myths and Legends and a #1 Bestseller in Role Playing and Fantasy Games.

He loves hearing from fans, like minded thinkers and anyone else who shares his dislike of sewers.

Genres: GameLit