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Anne Bishop lives in upstate New York where she enjoys gardening, music, and writing dark, romantic stories. She is the author of eleven novels, including the award-winning Black Jewels Trilogy.

She is the winner of the RT Book Reviews 2013 Career Achievement Award in Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Also the winner of the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award for the Black Jewels Trilogy.

Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy
Black Jewels
   1. Daughter of the Blood (1998)
   2. Heir to the Shadows (1999)
   3. Queen of the Darkness (2000)
   4. The Invisible Ring (2000)
   5. Dreams Made Flesh (2005)
   6. Tangled Webs (2008)
   7. The Shadow Queen (2009)
   8. Shalador's Lady (2010)
   9. Twilight's Dawn (2011)
   10. The Queen's Bargain (2020)
   11. The Queen's Weapons (2021)
   12. The Queen's Price (2023)
Tir Alainn
   1. The Pillars of the World (2001)
   2. Shadows and Light (2002)
   3. The House of Gaian (2003)
   0.5. The Voice (2012)
   1. Sebastian (2006)
   2. Belladonna (2007)
   3. Bridge of Dreams (2012)
Novel of the Others
   1. Written In Red (2013)
   2. Murder of Crows (2014)
   3. Vision In Silver (2015)
   4. Marked In Flesh (2016)
   5. Etched in Bone (2017)
World of the Others
   1. Lake Silence (2018)
   2. Wild Country (2019)
   3. Crowbones (2022)
   Stranded (2012) (with Anthony Francis and James Alan Gardner)
   The Lady in Glass (2024)
Anne Bishop recommends
Medusa's Sisters (2023)
Lauren J A Bear
"Medusa's Sisters is a wonderful, powerful story that totally absorbed me. Clothed in Greek mythology, it explores the loyalties and conflicts of family - especially the relationship between sisters who are bound together at birth but also need the independence to claim a life of their own. It is a compliment to Ms. Bear's writing that I never saw monsters, only sisters."
The Scarlet Circus (2023)
(Circus , book 3)
Jane Yolen
"The Scarlet Circus is a magical collection of love stories, where love is often an act of courage and intelligence. Jane Yolen has a true storyteller's voice."
Into the Mist (2022)
(Into the Mist, book 1)
P C Cast
"Into the Mist is an exciting apocalypse story full of danger and courage. More than that, it's a story about friendship, community, and the discovery of abilities that can rise from the ashes of the old world in order to create something hopeful and new. I look forward to reading the next part of the story."

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Books containing stories by Anne Bishop
The Tangled Web (2018)
edited by
Lauren Lyn Cidell

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Award nominations
1999 Locus Award for Best First Novel (nominee) : Daughter of the Blood

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