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C M Kornbluth's picture

C M Kornbluth

(Cyril M Kornbluth)
USA flag (1923 - 1958)

aka Cecil Corwin, Kenneth Falconer, S D Gottesman, Cyril Judd

C.M. Kornbluth was the bureau chief of a Chicago news agency until 1951 when he took up fiction writing full time. He established himself very quickly as a brilliant short story writer with works such as 'The Little Black Bag', 'The Marching Morons', 'The Cosmic Charge Account' and 'Two Dooms'.
Gunner Cade (1952) (as by Cyril Judd)
Outpost Mars (1952) (as by Cyril Judd)
     aka Sin in Space
Takeoff (1952)
The Syndic (1953)
Search the Sky (1954) (with Frederik Pohl)
Gladiator-at-Law (1955) (with Frederik Pohl)
Not This August (1955)
     aka Christmas Eve
Presidential Year (1956) (with Frederik Pohl)
Wolfbane (1957) (with Frederik Pohl)

Anthologies containing stories by C M Kornbluth



Short stories
The Rocket of 1955 (1939) (as by Cecil Corwin)
King Cole of Pluto (1940)
The City in the Sofa (1941)
Dead Center (1941)
Dimension of Darkness (1941)
Fire-Power (1941)
Forgotten Tongue (1941)
Interference (1941)
Kazam Collects (1941) (as by S D Gottesman)
Mr Packer Goes to Hell (1941)
No Place to Go (1941)
Return from M-15 (1941)
The Reversible Revolutions (1941)
Sir Mallory's Magnitude (1941)
Thirteen O'Clock (1941) (as by Cecil Corwin)
What Sorghum Says (1941)
The Words of Guru (1941) (as by Kenneth Falconer)
The Core (1942)
Crisis! (1942)
The Golden Road (1942)
Masquerade (1942)
The Perfect Invasion (1942)
The Only Thing We Learn (1949)
Iteration (1950)
The Little Black Bag (1950)
The Mind Worm (1950)
The Mindworm [short story] (1950)
The Silly Season (1950)
Friend to Man (1951)
The Marching Morons [short story] (1951)
With These Hands (1951)
The Altar at Midnight (1952)
The Goodly Creatures (1952)
The Luckiest Man in Denv (1952)
Make Mine Mars (1952)
That Share of Glory (1952)
The Adventurer (1953)
Dominoes (1953)
Everybody Knows Joe (1953)
The Meddlers (1953)
The Remorseful (1953)
Time Bum (1953)
Gomez (1954)
I Never Ast No Favors (1954)
The Adventurers (1955)
The Cosmic Expense Account [short story] (1956)
     aka The Cosmic Charge Account
The Education of Tigress McCardle (1957)
The Last Man Left in the Bar (1957)
MS Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie (1957)
The Slave (1957)
The Advent on Channel Twelve (1958)Hugo (nominee)
The Events Leading Down to the Tragedy (1958)
Passion Pills (1958)
Shark Ship (1958)
     aka Reap the Dark Tide
Hugo (nominee)
Theory of Rocketry (1958)Hugo (nominee)
Two Dooms (1958)
Virginia (1958)
The Quaker Cannon (1961) (with Frederik Pohl)
The Meeting (1972) (with Frederik Pohl)Hugo
The Gift of Garigolli (1974) (with Frederik Pohl)
Mute Inglorious Tam (1974) (with Frederik Pohl)

Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1959) : The Advent on Channel Twelve
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1959) : Shark Ship
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1959) : Theory of Rocketry
Hugo Best Short Story winner (1973) : The Meeting

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