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Clark Thomas Carlton

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Clark Thomas Carlton is the son of a barefoot Florida cowboy and a beauty queen from the Land of Cotton who ventured North to raise their children in the long shadow of New York City. When he was a teenager, the family moved from a blue collar, melting pot to a segregated and conservative enclave of Southern California, an event which forever altered his world view.

Clark studied English and Film at Boston University and UCLA and has worked as a screen and television writer, a journalist, and as a producer of reality television in addition to a thousand and one other professions.

Prophets of the Ghost Ants is his first original novel, a tale inspired during a trip to the Yucatan when he witnessed a battle for a Spanish peanut by two different tribes of ants. That night he dreamed of armies of tiny men on the backs of red and black ants. After doing years of research on insects and human social systems, the plot was revealed to him like a streaming, technicolor prophecy on the sixth night of Burning Man when the effigy goes up in flames.

Clark lives with his family in Los Angeles where he enjoy tennis, volleyball, song writing and painting.