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Francis Cottam

UK flag (b.1957)

aka F G Cottam

Former magazine editor Francis Cottam is the author of four novels and the novelization of a feature film.

His debut novel THE FIREFIGHTER was shortlisted for the W.H. Smith Literature award. It was followed by HAMER'S War, SLAPTON SANDS and A SHADOW ON THE SUN.

All four of these novels are either set in, or examine the repercussions of the Second World War. THE FIREFIGHTER examines one man's experience of the most intense period of the London Blitz. Hamer's War takes as its theme the moral dilemma facing a brave German soldier recovering from a wound sustained in battle on the Eastern Front.

THE RESIDENT is the novelization of a film made by the resurgent Hammer production company. Along with SLAPTON SANDS and A SHADOW ON THE SUN, it is available for download on Kindle.

Francis is the author of a series of paranormal thrillers published under the pen name F.G. Cottam