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The late Shirley Jackson is the author of the classic short story, "The Lottery," a dark, unforgettable tale of the unthinking and murderous customs of a small New England town. She is also the author of several American Gothic novels, such as We Have Always Lived in the Castle and The Haunting of Hill House. Her atmospheric stories explore themes of psychological turmoil, isolation, and the inequity of fate.

Genres: Horror
Non fiction series
Non fiction
   The Letters of Shirley Jackson (2021) (with Laurence Hyman)
Anthologies containing stories by Shirley Jackson
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Short stories
The Bus
Dorothy and My Grandmother and the Sailors
After You, My Dear Alphonse (1943)
Afternoon in Linen (1943)
Come Dance with Me in Ireland (1943)
Colloquy (1944)
A Fine Old Firm (1944)
Trial By Combat (1944)
The Villager (1944)
Charles [short story] (1948)
The Daemon Lover (1948)
The Lottery [short story] (1948)
Pillar of Salt (1948)
The Renegade (1948)
Seven Types of Ambiguity (1948)
The Tooth (1948)
The Dummy (1949)
Elizabeth (1949)
Flower Garden (1949)
Got a Letter from Jimmy (1949)
The Intoxicated (1949)
Like Mother Used to Make (1949)
My Life with R. H. Macy (1949)
Of Course (1949)
The Witch (1949)
The Lovely House (1950)
Root of Evil (1953)
Bulletin (1954)
One Ordinary Day, with Peanuts [short story] (1955)
The Omen (1958)
A Great Voice Stilled (1960)
The Beautiful Stranger (1968)

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