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George Harmon Coxe

USA flag (1901 - 1984)

George Harmon Coxe's writing career officially began in 1922 when he labored, largely unrecognized, in the nickel and dime pulps for pennies a word. Unlike most of his contemporaries, Coxe wrote across various genres: love stories, sports, adventure tales - anything that he could sell, but his special fondness for crime fiction would eventually lead him to the Black Mask, where its legendary editor, Joe Shaw, purchased his first Jack 'Flashgun' Casey crime story in 1934. Hollywood beckoned in the mid-1930s and Coxe worked for MGM from 1936-38. But unlike many of his fellow pulp writers, Coxe preferred writing books... and he was a particularly prolific author, writing a total of 63 novels, his last published in 1975. The Mystery Writers of America named him a Grand Master in 1964. Married since 1929, Coxe had 2 children and died on January 31, 1984.

Genres: Mystery