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Georges Simenon's picture

Georges Simenon

(Georges Joseph Christian Simenon)
Belgium (1903 - 1989)

Georges Simenon was born in Liège, Belgium. At sixteen he began work as a journalist on the Gazette de Liège. He moved to Paris in 1922 and became a prolific writer of popular fiction, working under a number of pseudonyms. In 1931 he published the first of the novels featuring Maigret, his most famous and enduring creation.

Genres: Mystery
Inspector Maigret
12. The Shadow Puppet (1934)
29. Maigret's Dead Man (2016)
34. Madame Maigret's Friend (2016)
The Crime of Inspector Maigret (1932)
     aka Maigret and the Hundred Gibbets
The Death of Monsieur Gallet (1932)
     aka Maigret Stonewalled
The Crossroads Murders (1933)
Inspector Maigret Investigates (omnibus) (1933)
Introducing Inspector Maigret (omnibus) (1933)
Maigret and the Enigmatic Lett (1933)
     aka The Strange Case of Peter the Lett
The Crime at Lock 14 (1934)
     aka Maigret Meets a Milord
Triumph of Inspector Maigret (omnibus) (1934)
A Battle of Nerves (1939)
     aka Maigret's War of Nerves
A Face for a Clue (1939)
The Patience of Maigret (omnibus) (1939)
The Flemish Shop (1940)
     aka The Flemish House
Liberty Bar (1940)
The Madman of Bergerac (1940)
Maigret Abroad (omnibus) (1940)
Maigret and the Tavern by the Seine (1940)
Maigret At the Gai-Moulin (1940)
     aka At the Gai-Moulin
Maigret in Holland (1940)
     aka A Crime in Holland
Maigret Keeps a Rendezvous (omnibus) (1940)
Maigret to the Rescue (omnibus) (1940)
Maigret Travels South (omnibus) (1940)
The Sailor's Rendezvous (1940)
The Saint-Fiacre Affair (1940)
The Lock at Charenton (1941)
Maigret and Monsieur Labbe (1941)
Maigret and the Death of a Harbor-Master (1941)
Maigret Returns (1941)
Maigret Sits It Out (omnibus) (1941)
A Battle of Nerves / At the 'Gai Moulin' (omnibus) (1950)
Maigret on Holiday (omnibus) (1950)
A Summer Holiday (1950)
To Any Lengths (1950)
Maigret's Christmas (omnibus) (1951)
Maigret and the Mad Killers (1954)
Maigret in Montmartre (1954)
     aka Maigret and the Strangled Stripper
Maigret Right and Wrong (omnibus) (1954)
Maigret's Mistake (1954)
Maigret and the Burglar's Wife (1955)
Maigret and the Dead Girl (1955)
Maigret and the Young Girl (1955)
Maigret in New York's underworld (1955)
Inspector Maigret and the Burglar's Wife (1956)
Maigret's Revolver (1956)
Maigret Goes to School (1957)
Maigret's Little Joke (1957)
     aka None of Maigret's Business
My Friend Maigret (1957)
     aka The Methods of Maigret
Madame Maigret's Own Case (1958)
     aka Madame Maigret's Friend
Maigret and the Old Lady (1958)
Maigret's First Case (1958)
Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses (1959)
Maigret Has Scruples (1959)
The Short Cases of Inspector Maigret (1959)
Maigret Takes a Room (1960)
Versus Inspector Maigret (omnibus) (1960)
Maigret Afraid (1961)
Maigret in Court (1961)
Maigret in Society (1962)
Maigret's Failure (1962)
Maigret and the Lazy Burglar (1963)
Maigret at the Crossroads (1963)
Maigret's Memoirs (1963)
Five Times Maigret (omnibus) (1964)
Maigret and the Saturday Caller (1964)
Maigret Mystified (1964)
Maigret's Special Murder (1964)
The Second Maigret Omnibus (omnibus) (1964)
Maigret Loses His Temper (1965)
Maigret Sets a Trap (1965)
Maigret and the Hotel Majestic (1966)
Maigret on the Defensive (1966)
Maigret and the Headless Corpse (1967)
Maigret and the Nahour Case (1967)
Maigret Goes Home (1967)
Maigret's Pickpocket (1967)
Maigret Has Doubts (1968)
Maigret Hesitates (1968)
Maigret in Vichy (1968)
     aka Maigret Takes the Waters
Maigret's Boyhood Friend (1968)
Maigret and the Calame Report (1969)
     aka Maigret and the Minister
Maigret and the Killer (1969)
Maigret Triumphant (1969)
Maigret and the Madwoman (1970)
Maigret and the Wine Merchant (1970)
Maigret and the Loner (1971)
A Maigret Quartet (omnibus) (1972)
Maigret and the Flea (1972)
     aka Maigret and the Informer
Maigret and Monsieur Charles (1973)
Maigret and the Bum (1973)
     aka Maigret and the Dosser
A Maigret Trio (omnibus) (1973)
Maigret and the Millionaires (1974)
Maigret and the Gangsters (1974)
Maigret and the Man on the Bench (1975)
     aka Maigret and the Man on the Boulevard
Maigret and the Apparition (1976)
     aka Maigret and the Ghost
Maigret and the Black Sheep (1976)
Maigret and the Spinster (1977)
Maigret's Pipe (1977)
Maigret in Retirement (1978)
Maigret in Exile (1978)
Maigret and the Toy Village (1978)
Maigret Among the Rich (omnibus) (1978)
Maigret's Rival (1979)
Maigret in New York (1979)
Maigret at the Coroner's (1980)
Maigret Bides His Time (1985)
Maigret and the Pickpocket (1985)
Four On Maigret (omnibus) (1986)
The Yellow Dog (1987)
Maigret on the Riviera (1988)
Maigret and the Fortune Teller (1989)
Maigret and the Flemish Shop (1990)
Maigret on Home Ground (1992)
Inspector Maigret's Case Files Murder: Murder a LA Carte (omnibus) (1992)
Murder (omnibus) (1996)
Maigret (1998)
The Maigret Collection: Radio Dramatization (2003)
The Bar on the Seine (2003)
Inspector Cadaver (2003)
The Friend of Madame Maigret (2003)
The Hotel Majestic (2003)
Maigret and the Idle Burglar (2004)
Maigret Gets Angry (2015)
A Man's Head (1931)
Uncle Charles (1942)
The Breton Sisters (1943)
Black Rain (1946)
Magnet of Doom (1948)
Chit of a Girl (1949)
The Survivors (1949)
Poisoned relations (1950)
Strange Inheritance (1950)
The Strangers in the House (1951)
Act of Passion (1952)
The Burgomaster of Furnes (1952)
A Crime in Holland / A Face for a Clue (1952)
Escape in vain (1952)
Havoc By Accident (1952)
In Two Latitudes (1952)
On the Danger Line (1952)
The Trial of Bebe Donge (1952)
Aunt Jeanne (1953)
The Man Who Watched the Trains Go by (1953)
The Stain on the Snow (1953)
Across the Street (1954)
Belle (1954)
The Bottom of the Bottle (1954)
The Brothers Rico (1954)
Ticket of Leave (1954)
The Burial of M. Bouvet (1955)
Chez Krull (1955)
The Fugitive (1955)
     aka Account Unsettled
Red Lights (1955)
     aka The Hitchhiker
A Sense of Guilt (1955)
The Little Man from Archangel (1957)
The Stowaway (1957)
The Heart of a Man (1958)
Inquest on Bouvet (1958)
The Murderer (1958)
The Son (1958)
The Witness (1958)
The Woman of the Grey House (1958)
The Negro (1959)
Striptease (1959)
Young Cardinaud (1959)
The Hatter's Ghost (1960)
     aka The Hatter's Phantoms
Sunday (1960)
The Premier (1961)
The Widower (1961)
Fate of the Malous (1962)
Pedigree (1962)
The Iron Stair Case (1963)
New Lease of Life (1963)
The Patient (1963)
The Accomplices (1964)
The Bells Of Bicetre (1964)
The Door (1964)
Three Beds in Manhattan (1964)
The Train (1964)
The Blue Room (1965)
Man With the Little Dog (1965)
The Little Saint (1966)
The Mouse (1966)
The Confessional (1967)
Monsieur Monde Vanishes (1967)
Old Man Dies (1967)
The Neighbours (1968)
The Witnesses (1968)
Big Bob (1969)
The Prison (1969)
The Man on the Bench in the Barn (1970)
November (1970)
The Rich Man (1971)
Teddy Bear (1971)
The Disappearance of Odile (1972)
Window Over the Way (1972)
     aka Danger Ashore
The Cat (1972)
The Glass Cage (1973)
The Innocents (1973)
The Venice Train (1974)
The Magician (1974)
The House on Quai Notre Dame (1975)
Betty (1975)
Watchmaker of Everton (1975)
The Others (1975)
Girl in His Past (1976)
Four Days in a Lifetime (1977)
The Clockmaker (1977)
The Family Lie (1978)
The Girl with a Squint (1978)
The Little Doctor (1978)
Aboard the Aquitaine (1979)
The Nightclub (1979)
The Grandmother (1980)
The White Horse Inn (1980)
The Country Doctor (1981)
     aka The Delivery
The Long Exile (1983)
The Lodger (1983)
The Reckoning (1984)
Intimate Memoirs (1984)
The Couple from Poitiers (1985)
Justice (1985)
In Case of Emergency (1986)
The Outlaw (1986)
Uncle Charles Has Locked Himself in (1987)
The Rules of the Game (1988)
Donadieu's Will (1991)
Suspect (1991)
The Truth about Bebe Donge (1992)
Death of a Nobody (1995)
The 13 Culprits (2002)
Dirty Snow (2003)
Felicie (2015)
Maigret's Holiday (2016)



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