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Gordon Carroll is the author of GUNWOOD USA and The Gil Mason Sheepdog series. Gordon grew up at the foot of the great Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Joining the United States Marine Corps at eighteen, he served for seven years, achieving the rank of sergeant (selected for staff sergeant). After that, he became a police officer in a small (wild) city nestled snugly in the middle of Denver, Colorado, before moving on to become a sheriff’s deputy.Gordon became a K9 handler, trainer, and instructor, training and working four separate dogs for over three decades (a hundred-twenty-pound German Shepherd named JR, a ninety-pound Belgian Malinois named Max, a fifty-six-pound Belgian Malinois named Thor, and a sixty-pound fur-missile named Arrow). Gordon retired from police work in 2020 to focus on writing and spending time with his grandchildren. K9 Arrow retired with him.Over the years, Gordon and his K9 companions assisted the DEA, FBI, and numerous other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the detection and apprehension of criminals and narcotics. Together, Gordon and his K9 partners are responsible for over two million dollars in narcotics seizures, three thousand felony apprehensions and were first responders to both the 2012 Aurora Mall shooting and the 2013 Arapahoe High School shooting.He has been married to the same wonderful woman (his high school sweetheart, Becky) for over forty years. Together they have four adult children and a whole pack of grandchildren.Gordon’s love of books began while he was in sixth grade when he became captivated by Jack London’s White Fang and Call of the Wild. From there, he branched out, gobbling up everything from Robert E. Howard to Steinbeck to Brand, King, Wambaugh, Irving, Craise, Hunter, Rothfuss, Lowry, Card, Emmerich, and on and on.After years of telling stories to his children and friends, his wife insisted he write some of them down. After that, he just couldn’t stop. Sending short stories out, he was quickly published in several magazines in genres ranging from Si-Fi, horror, mainstream, mystery, and Christian. He then wrote GUNWOOD USA, followed by Sheepdogs (Book 1 of the Gil Mason and Max series), fictionalized compilations of real-life scenarios that he has seen, heard of, or been involved in over his years with law enforcement and military service.The Sheepdog series, as well as GUNWOOD USA, became instant bestsellers.
   Bone Hill (2021)

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