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Alec Waugh

UK flag (1898 - 1981)
Brother of Evelyn Waugh

Born Alexander Raban Waugh to Arthur Waugh, author, literary critic, and publisher. He was the elder brother of the better-known Evelyn Waugh . His third wife was Virginia Sorenson, author of the Newbery Medal-winning Miracles on Maple Hill.

Waugh was educated at Sherborne School, a public school in Dorset, from where he was expelled. The result of his experiences was his first, semi-autobiographical novel, The Loom of Youth (1917), clearly inspired by The Harrovians (1931) by Arnold Lunn, and so controversial at the time (it openly mentioned homosexual activities between boys) that Waugh remains the only former pupil to be expelled from the old boys society (The Old Shirburnian Society). It was also a best seller.

Waugh went on to a career as a successful author, although never as successful or innovative as his younger brother. He lived much of his life overseas, in exotic places such as Tangier - a lifestyle made possible by his second marriage, to a rich Australian. His 1957 novel Island in the Sun was a best-seller, as was his 1973 novel, A Fatal Gift.

He also published In Praise of Wine & Certain Noble Spirits (1959), an amusing and discursive guide to the major wine types, and Wines and Spirits , a 1968 book in the Time-Life series Foods of the World.
   The Loom of Youth (1917)
   The Prisoners of Mainz (1919)
   The Lonely Unicorn (1922)
   Public School Life (1922)
   Roland Whately (1922)
   Kept (1925)
   Love in These Days (1926)
   Nor Many Waters (1928)
   'Sir!' She Said (1930)
   So Lovers Dream (1931)
   Leap Before You Look (1932)
   That American Woman (1932)
   Thirteen Such Years (1932)
   The Golden Ripple (1933)
   Wheels Within Wheels (1933)
   The Balliols (1934)
   Jill Somerset (1936)
   Going Their Own Ways (1938)
   No Truce with Time (1941)
   His Second War (1944)
   Unclouded Summer (1948)
   Where the Clocks Chime Twice (1951)
   Guy Renton (1952)
   Island in the Sun (1955)
   Fuel for the Flame (1960)
   My Place in the Bazaar (1961)
   The Mule On the Minaret (1965)
   A Spy in the Family (1970)
   The Saintsbury Oration (1973)
   The Fatal Gift (1973)
   Brief Encounter (1975)
   Married to a Spy (1976)
   Love in Conflict (1977)
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