Joanna Cannan

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Born in 1898, Joanna Cannan was the youngest daughter of Oxford don Charles Cannan, and his wife Mary Wedderburn. Part of a family of authors, Joanna Cannan was cousin to novelist and playwright Gilbert Cannan, sister to poet May Wedderburn Cannan, mother to fellow pony-book authors Josephine Pullein-Thompson, Diana Pullein-Thompson and Christine Pullein-Thompson, as well as to screenwriter and playwright Denis Cannan, and grandmother to cookbook author Charlotte Popescu.

Cannan worked as a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) nurse during WWI, meeting her her future husband, Captain Harold J. "Cappy" Pullein-Thompson, in Oxford, during the course of that work. They were married in 1918, and Cannan (who never published under her married name) became the primary breadwinner for the family, after he was severely injured during the war, publishing approximately one book per year. Most of her pony books for children were written before and during WWII, at which point she began turning to detective novels for adults. Cannan suffered from ill health in the 1950s, and eventually diagnosed with tuberculosis. She died in 1961.

Genres: Mystery
   Ithuriel's Hour (1931)
     aka The Hour of the Angel
   Pony for Jean (1937)
   We Met Our Cousins (1937)
   Another Pony for Jean (1938)
   Princes in the Land (1938)
   More Ponies for Jean (1943)
   Hamish (1944)
   I Wrote a Pony Book (1950)
   And All I Learned (1951)
   People to Be Found (1956)
   Gaze At the Moon (1957)
   Little I Understood (1973)
   The Taste of Murder (1987)
     aka Poisonous Relations
   London Pride (2007)
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