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Jillian Cantor has a BA in English from Penn State University. She received her MFA from The University of Arizona and was the recipient of the national Jacob K. Javits fellowship. She currently lives in Arizona with her husband and two sons. The September Sisters is her first novel.

Genres: Historical
Jillian Cantor recommends
All the Ugly and Wonderful Things (2016)
Bryn Greenwood
"Achingly raw and beautifully written."
The Glass Forest (2018)
Cynthia Swanson
"The Glass Forest is the story of three strong women in the 1960s, one of whom has disappeared. Part family saga, part mystery, part coming of age, this richly detailed historical novel is both a fascinating portrait of a woman's life during this time and a meticulously plotted thriller. I absolutely devoured this gripping and beautifully written novel."
We Must Be Brave (2018)
Frances Liardet
"We Must Be Brave by Frances Liardet is a beautifully written story that explores love, loss, resilience, and the bonds of motherhood over the course of the 20th century. A sweeping, heartfelt novel about what it means to truly love a child."
Boardwalk Summer (2018)
Meredith Jaeger
"In Boardwalk Summer, Meredith Jaeger expertly entwines two stories of two strong women living decades apart in Santa Cruz. By turns a gripping mystery, a richly-detailed exploration of history and family, and a beautiful love story - I was absolutely captivated."
Rush (2018)
Lisa Patton
"RUSH is a beautifully written coming-of-age novel, set against the backdrop of sorority rush in the south. Lisa Patton weaves an unforgettable story of friendship and the bonds between mothers and daughters, while also exploring larger themes of class, race, and inequality. An extraordinary and important novel – I absolutely loved it!"
Rust & Stardust (2018)
T Greenwood
"A lyrical and haunting meditation on family, love, and survival, this novel - and Sally Horner - stayed with me long after I turned the last page."
Not Our Kind (2018)
Kitty Zeldis
"Rich, evocative, and atmospheric, NOT OUR KIND by Kitty Zeldis is the story of two very different women whose chance meeting changes both their lives in the late 1940s New York. Zeldis weaves a beautifully written story not only about class and women’s roles, but also about love, friendship, motherhood, and coming of age. I was absolutely captivated by this stunning historical novel."
Annelies (2019)
David R Gillham
"In Annelies, David Gillham not only explores what might have happened if Anne Frank had survived, but also draws an intimate portrait of life as a Jewish survivor in post-war Amsterdam. By turns a coming-of-age novel and a story of survival, redemption, and family—Annelies is a meticulously researched, emotionally resonant what-if."
The Wartime Sisters (2019)
Lynda Cohen Loigman
"The Wartime Sisters by Lynda Cohen Loigman is a powerful and moving story of secrets, friendship, and sisterhood. In Ruth and Millie, whom we follow from their childhood in Brooklyn to their entwined lives as young mothers at a wartime armory in Springfield, Loigman masterfully portrays the complicated sister relationship. Beautifully written, emotionally charged, and rich with historical detail, this novel, and these sisters, will stay with me long after I turned the last page."
When We Left Cuba (2019)
Chanel Cleeton
"By turns a captivating historical novel, a sweeping love story, and a daring tale of espionage--I absolutely adored this gem of a novel."
The Flight Girls (2019)
Noelle Salazar
"The Flight Girls by Noelle Salazar is an unforgettable and beautifully written historical novel about a fascinating piece of WWII history, the women pilots in the WASP program. Salazar masterfully weaves a story of female strength and friendship, with an emotionally resonant epic love story. I was completely swept up in the life of the fictional Audrey, whose strength, power, and desire to follow her own dream at all costs I found both engaging and inspiring-I could not put this book down!"

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