Rachel Cosgrove Payes's picture

Rachel Cosgrove Payes

USA flag (1922 - 1998)

aka E L Arch, Rachel Cosgrove, Joanne Kaye

Used These Alternate Names: E.L. Arch, Joanne Kaye, Rachel Payes, Rachel R. Cosgrove, Rachel Cosgrove.

Genres: Children's Fiction
   Death Sleeps Lightly (1960)
   Forsythia Finds Murder (1960)
   Marjory Thurman (1960) (as by Rachel Cosgrove)
   Shadow of Fear (1961)
   Curiosity Killed Kitty (1962)
   Long Journey Home (1962) (as by Rachel Cosgrove)
   Bridge to Yesterday (1963) (as by E L Arch)
   Not for Glory (1963) (as by Rachel Cosgrove)
   The Candystripers (1964) (as by Rachel Cosgrove)
   The Deathstones (1964) (as by E L Arch)
   Memoirs of Murder (1964)
   Planet of Death (1964) (as by E L Arch)
   Ann Gordon of the Peace Corps (1965) (as by Rachel Cosgrove)
   The First Immortals (1965) (as by E L Arch)
   Designs for Love (1966) (as by Rachel Cosgrove)
   The double-minded man (1966) (as by E L Arch)
   Linda's Gifts (1966) (as by Rachel Cosgrove)
   Mystery of Echo Caverns (1966)
   The Man With Three Eyes (1967) (as by E L Arch)
   Peace Corps Nurse (1967)
   O Charitable death (1968)
   The Silent Place (1969)
   Malverne Hall (1970)
   Forbidden Island (1973)
   Devil's Court (1974)
   The House of Tarot (1975)
   The Black Swan (1975)
   The Sapphire Legacy (1976)
   Moment of Desire (1978)
   The Coach to Hell (1979)
   Bride of Fury (1980)
   Fame and Fortune (1981) (as by Joanne Kaye)
   Satan's Mistress (1981)
   Rags to Riches (1981) (as by Joanne Kaye)
   Love and Betrayal (1981) (as by Joanne Kaye)
   Satin and Stars (1981) (as by Joanne Kaye)
   Playing for Keeps (1982) (as by Joanne Kaye)
   To Love Again (1982) (as by Joanne Kaye)
   Lady Alicia's Secret (1986)
   Emeralds and Jade (1988)
   The Dark Towers of Trelochen (1991)
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