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T E Huff

(Tom Elmer Huff)
USA flag (1938 - 1990)

aka Edwina Marlow, Beatrice Parker, Katherine St. Clair, Jennifer Wilde

Tom Elmer Huff (January 8, 1938-1990) was a best-selling American author of romance novels under the pen names Jennifer Wilde, Edwina Marlow, Beatrice Parker, Tom E. Huff, T.E. Huff, and Katherine St. Clair.

Huff spent several years as a high-school English teacher before becoming a novelist. He earned a Career Achievement Award in 1987-1988 from Romantic Times.
   The Master of Phoenix Hall (1968) (as by Edwina Marlow)
   Falconridge (1969) (as by Edwina Marlow)
   Come to Castlemoor (1970) (as by Beatrice Parker)
   The Lady of Lyon House (1970) (as by Edwina Marlow)
   When Emmalyn Remembers (1970) (as by Edwina Marlow)
   Betrayal At Blackcrest (1971) (as by Beatrice Parker)
   Stranger By the Lake (1971) (as by Beatrice Parker)
   Jamintha (1975) (as by Beatrice Parker)
   Wherever Lynn Goes (1975) (as by Beatrice Parker)
   Midnight At Mallyncourt (1975) (as by Edwina Marlow)
   Room Beneath the Stairs (1975) (as by Katherine St. Clair)
   Danger At Dahlkari (1975) (as by Edwina Marlow)
   Marabelle (1980)