Janet Louise Roberts

USA flag (1925 - 1982)

aka Louisa Bronte, Rebecca Danton, Janette Radcliffe

Janet Louise Roberts was born January 20, 1925, in New Britain CT, and died June 11, 1982, in Dayton Ohio, where she was a reference librarian for the Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library between 1966 and 1978.

Not only did she write contemporary, historical,and gothic romances, but she even ventured into occult territory with The Devil’s Own, Isle of the Dolphins, Lord Satan, and Her Demon Lover – stories in which the devil or other demon fills in for the traditional romantic hero. She said that she began using pseudonyms to avoid embarrassing her father, a missionary in a rather conservative church.

Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
American Dynasty (as by Louisa Bronte)
   1. The Vallette Heritage (1979)
   3. The Gunther Heritage (1981)
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   Lord Stephen's Lady (1968) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   A Marriage of Inconvenience (1970)
   The Jewels of Terror (1970) (as by Louisa Bronte)
   Dark Rose (1971)
   Love Song (1971)
   Ravenswood (1971)
   The Weeping Lady (1971)
   The Curse of Kenton (1972)
   The Devil's Own (1972)
   My Lady Mischief (1972)
   Rivertown (1972)
   The Sign of the Golden Goose (1972) (as by Rebecca Danton)
   Black Horse Tavern (1972) (as by Rebecca Danton)
   Lord Satan (1972) (as by Louisa Bronte)
   The Dornstein Icon (1973)
   The Golden Thistle (1973)
   Her Demon Lover (1973) (as by Louisa Bronte)
   Isle of the Dolphins (1973)
   This Dancing Fool (1973)
   The Dancing Doll (1973)
   La Casa Dorada (1973) (as by Louisa Bronte)
   The Cardross Luck (1974)
   The First Waltz (1974)
   The Blue-Eyed Gypsy (1974) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   The Gentleman Pirate (1975) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   The Moonlight Gondola (1975) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   Castlereagh (1975)
   The Topaz Charm (1976) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   White Jasmine (1976) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   Wilderness Inn (1976)
   Jade Vendetta (1976)
   The Azure Castle (1976) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   Scarlet Secrets (1977) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   Fire Opals (1977) (as by Rebecca Danton)
   A Gift of Violets (1977) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   Island of Desire (1977)
   The Heart Awakens (1977) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   Amethyst Love (1977) (as by Rebecca Danton)
   Ship of Hate (1977) (as by Rebecca Danton)
   Stormy Surrender (1978) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   Hidden Fires (1978) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   Black Pearls (1979)
   Star Sapphire (1979) (as by Rebecca Danton)
   Lovers and Liars (1979) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   The Van Rhyme Heritage (1979) (as by Louisa Bronte)
   Highland Brooch (1980) (as by Rebecca Danton)
   Silver Jasmine (1980)
   American Baroness (1980) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   The Ruby Heart (1980) (as by Rebecca Danton)
   Flamenco Rose (1981)
   The Court of the Flowering Peach (1981) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   Golden Lotus (1981)
   White Fire (1981) (as by Rebecca Danton)
   French Jade (1982) (as by Rebecca Danton)
   Vienna Dreams (1982) (as by Janette Radcliffe)
   Forget-me-not (1982)
   Scarlet Poppies (1983)
   Flower of Love (1983)
   Shining Splendor (1984) (as by Louisa Bronte)
   Shining Splendour (1986)
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