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Author Talia Carner's heart-wrenching suspense novels, PUPPET CHILD, CHINA DOLL, and JERUSALEM MAIDEN, were hailed for exposing society's ills. Her upcoming novel is HOTEL MOSCOW, (HarperCollins, June 2015) featuring an American woman who investigates business crime in Moscow, but gets caught in the 1993 parliament uprising against president Yeltsin, encounters anti-Semitism, and must come to terms with both her parents' Holocaust legacy and her own mistakes that might compromise her future.
Talia Carner recommends
Beyond the Ghetto Gates (2020)
Michelle Cameron
"Against the backdrop of Napoleon’s invasion of Italy, Cameron weaves an immersive tale of a young Jewish woman torn between her filial duty and passion for a young Catholic soldier. Her portrait of Jews and Catholics grappling with social upheaval in an 18th-century harbor town shines a light on the challenges of nationalism, religion, and bigotry that still plague society today."

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