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Barbara Gaskell Denvil’s father was an artist and playwright, her mother a retired teacher and her sister a published author at sixteen. Ms. Gaskell Denvil therefore had no other passion but the arts and books. She started writing articles and short stories for magazines and newspapers. She was also a tutor for scriptwriting, and a reviewer for Books and Bookmen. Since her children had grown and her partner had died, she started writing full length fiction again, and in all her favourite genres.

Her work was accepted by Simon & Shuster, and two of her historical mysteries were published in the traditional manner. However, although successful, she found herself disliking the control system with covers she hated.

Ms. Gaskell Denvil now self-publishes her work and enjoys every minute. Living in Australia, she adores experiencing a placid life during the day and a wonderfully exciting one in her dreams at night.

She has written fantasy and historical fiction. Very different genres, but most are crime mysteries in one way or another. She has also now finished the six books in her children’s series (Bannister’s Muster), no crime, but a vibrant mixture of history and fantasy.

Adding to her catalogue, she now includes a series of modern crime mysteries, with more fantasy to come. Writing is and always has been her passion.

Genres: Historical Mystery
Historical Mysteries Collection
   1. Blessop's Wife (2015)
     aka The King's Shadow
   2. The Summer of Discontent (2020)
   3. Vespers (2021)
   4. The Flame Eater (2016)
   5. Satin Cinnabar (2011)
   6. Sumerford's Autumn (2015)
   7. The Western Gate (2022)
   8. The Deception of Consequences (2017)
Barometer sequence
   1. Fair Weather (2011)
   2. Dark Weather (2020)
Stars and A Wind
   1. A White Horizon (2015)
   2. The Wind from the North (2016)
   3. The Singing Star (2016)
Bannister's Muster
   1. Snap (2017)
   2. Snakes & Ladders (2017)
   3. Blind Man's Buff (2018)
   4. Dominoes (2018)
   5. Leapfrog (2018)
   6. Hide & Seek (2018)
Games People Play
   1. If When (2019)
   2. Ashes From Ashes (2019)
   3. Daisy Chains (2019)
   1. The Corn (2019)
   2. The Mill (2020)
   3. The Dunes (2020)
   Between (2016)
   Future Tense (2017)

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