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Susan Fletcher is the acclaimed author of the Dragon Chronicles, composed of Dragon's Milk, Flight of the Dragon Kyn, and Sign of the Dove, as well as the award-winning Alphabet of Dreams, Shadow Spinner, and Walk Across the Sea. Ms. Fletcher lives in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Genres: Children's Fiction
   Shadow Spinner (1998)
   Walk Across the Sea (2001)
   Alphabet of Dreams (2006)
   Falcon in the Glass (2013)
   Journey of the Pale Bear (2018)
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Arrow (2021)
Samantha M Clark
"Narrated by an ancient tree who counts years as rings and feels the emotions of forest creatures in her roots, Arrow is a richly-imagined fable about the need to connect with people of divergent tribes…and thereby heal a wounded planet. Clark blends fantasy and science into a lush and timely tapestry that enlightens and enchants."
Sunshine (2021)
Marion Dane Bauer
"Set deep in the wilds of northern Minnesota, this beautifully written novel explores the bonds among a boy, the mother who left him long ago, and a dog like none we’ve ever seen. Sunshine gives us hope that we can find ways to bear devastating grief . . . until we grow wise enough to understand it and strong enough to forgive. Brave, honest, and full of heart, Sunshine is a book to cherish."
The Emerald Circus (2017)
(Circus , book 1)
Jane Yolen
"What a joy it is to watch Jane Yolen burrow into the hearts of familiar stories and dwell in possibilities we’d never imagined. It’s all done with Yolen’s trademark wisdom, a healthy dollop of subversion, and a twinkle in the eye. A delight!"

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