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Colin Dexter

(Norman Colin Dexter)
UK flag (1930 - 2017)

Colin Dexter lived in Oxford. He won many awards for his novels and in 1997 was presented with the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger for outstanding services to crime literature.

Genres: Mystery
Colin Dexter recommends
Aristotle Detective (1978)
(Aristotle and Stephanos, book 1)
Margaret Doody
"Eminently enjoyable... moves along at a commendable lick."
Angels in Arms (1991)
(Fitzroy Maclean Angel, book 4)
Mike Ripley
"The outrageous, rip-roarious Mr Ripley is an abiding delight."
Sleeping Partner (2000)
James Humphreys
"A splendid debut in crime fiction."
In the Midnight Hour (2001)
(Laura Principal, book 5)
Michelle Spring
"Michelle Spring plots so cleverly - and writes so beautifully."
The Earthquake Bird (2001)
Susanna Jones
"Compulsively imaginative... a beautiful and compelling novel."
Diamond Dust (2002)
(Peter Diamond, book 7)
Peter Lovesey
"A consummate storyteller."
Code 61 (2002)
(Carl Houseman, book 4)
Donald Harstad
"The endearingly wry first-person narration is splendidly handled; and the characterisation is very good."
In the Kingdom of Mists (2002)
(Claude Monet, book 1)
Jane Jakeman
"A lovely novel - compulsively readable and beautifully written."
Borkmann's Point (2006)
(Inspector Van Veeteren, book 2)
Håkan Nesser
"On this showing, Inspector Van Veeteren seems destined for a place amongst the great European detectives."
Dead Like Her (2009)
(DI Banham and Sergeant Alison Grainger, book 3)
Linda Regan
"Regan exhibits enviable control over her characters in this skillful and fascinating whodunnit."
The Haunted Bridge (2009)
Jane Gordon-Cumming
"Stories spookily and splendidly told - with (praise be!) a map to guide us all."
The Fourth Assassin (2010)
(Omar Yussef, book 4)
Matt Rees
"Omar Yussef is a splendid creation.'"
Death Watch (2010)
(DI Peter Shaw and DS George Valentine, book 2)
Jim Kelly
"A sparkling star in the crime fiction firmament."
The Shooting in the Shop (2010)
(Fethering, book 11)
Simon Brett
"Murder most enjoyable."
Mortal Fire (2012)
(Secret of the Journal, book 1)
C F Dunn
"An ominous sense of developing tension... a most fluent writer."
The Witness (2014)
Jane Bidder
"She writes so well and I'm sure Inspector Morse would have enjoyed this."

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