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Craig Davidson


aka Nick Cutter, Patrick Lestewka

Craig Davidson was born in Toronto and now lives in Iowa City. His short story collection, Rust and Bone, has been published in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   The Fighter (2007)
   Cataract City (2013)
   The Saturday Night Ghost Club (2018)
   Rust and Bone (2005)
   Sarah Court (2010)
   Cascade (2020)
Novellas and Short Stories
   A Mean Utility (2006)
Non fiction
   Precious Cargo (2016)
Craig Davidson recommends
Closer by Sea (2023)
Perry Chafe
"A memorable coming-of-age tale in the spirit of Ray Bradbury and Stephen King. There is mystery and danger, shadowy figures who are not quite who they seem, and a wistfulness for that strange and beautiful time bridging our younger and older selves--but Perry Chafe's story is uniquely his own, uniquely of his place and of its people. With Closer by Sea, Chafe stakes his place in Newfoundland's writerly pantheon."
The Book of Rain (2023)
Thomas Wharton
"Thomas Wharton's novel has a prismatic effect: a reader can see rainbow refractions of Strugatsky, Joan Lindsay, Jeff Vandermeer, even Lovecraft--but The Book of Rain is unique enough to exist beyond comparison. A book of rich characterizations and bold ideas, the kind of highwire act many writers shy away from. The fact that Wharton pulls it off is a kind of miracle, one I'm glad I had an opportunity to experience."
Helpmeet (2022)
Naben Ruthnum
"Naben Ruthnum's Helpmeet is a remarkable throwback. The style, the precise prose, the lush imagery, the dreadful sense of wheels turning just past the reader's sightline - I devoured it in a few delighted hours and it took me back to my teenage years, to afternoons squirreled away in the corner of my local library reading Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Chambers, Algernon Blackwood and the other great elder wordsmiths I cut my horror teeth on."

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