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Ron Dee


aka David Darke
   Boundaries (1979)
   Brain Fever (1989)
   Blood Lust (1990)
   Dusk (1991)
   Descent (1991)
   Blind Hunger (1993) (as by David Darke)
   Blood (1993)
   Necromaniacs (1993) (as by David Darke)
   Succumb (1994)
   Shade (1994) (as by David Darke)
   Horrorshow (1994) (as by David Darke)
   Last Rites (1996) (as by David Darke)
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Anthologies containing stories by Ron Dee
Short stories
Jet Lag (with Patricia D Cacek)
Interstellar Love (1995)
A Little Night Music (1995)
Soulmates (1995)
Stomach Trouble (1995)
The Sound of the Swelling Organ (1996) (with Lois H Gresh)

Ron Dee recommends
A Clockwork Vampire (2011)
(Mrs. McGillicuddy Mystery, book 1)
K H Koehler
"Guaranteed to be a great Halloween mood-setter! Steampunk? Well, emphasis on 'steamy' in some of the many nice places! Very fast paced and great characterization."

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