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John Gregory Betancourt

USA flag (1963 - )

aka Jeremy Kingston, Thomas Shadwell

John Gregory Betancourt is a bestselling author with several Star Trek novels to his credit including Voyager: Incident at Arbuk and Deep Space Nine: Heart of the Warrior.
Roger Zelazny's Dawn of Amber
continued from the original series by Roger Zelazny
1. Nine Princes of Chaos (2002)
     aka The Dawn of Amber
2. Chaos and Amber (2003)
3. To Rule in Amber (2004)
4. Shadows of Amber (2005)

Slab's Tavern (1987)
Playing in Wonderland (1994)
The Science Fiction Megapack (2011) (with James Blish, Ben Bova, Randall Garrett, C M Kornbluth, C L Moore and Robert Silverberg)
The Vampire Megapack (2012) (with John David Anderson, Jason Andrew, Zach Bartlett, E F Benson, Luigi Capuana, Ray Cluley, Michael R Collings, Peter Darbyshire, Théophile Gautier, Franz Hartmann, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Henry Kuttner, Michael McCarty and Terrie Leigh Relf, Darrell Schweitzer, Bram Stoker, Lawrence Watt-Evans and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)
The Werewolf Megapack (2013) (with Guy de Maupassant, Alexandre Dumas, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Rudyard Kipling, Jay Lake, Saki and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)
The Time Travel Megapack (2013) (with Reginald Bretnor, Damien Broderick, C J Henderson, Edward M Lerner, Richard A Lupoff, William F Nolan, James H Schmitz, Darrell Schweitzer and Clifford D Simak)
The Seventh Science Fiction Megapack (2013) (with Poul Anderson, Jerome Bixby, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Reginald Bretnor, Grendel Briarton (Reginald Bretnor), Damien Broderick, Fredric Brown, Arthur C Clarkes, Mark Clifton, Geoffrey Cobbe, Michael R Collings, Lester del Rey, C J Henderson, Michael Kurland, Edward M Lerner, Mike Resnick, Jesse Roarke, Robert Silverberg, Clifford D Simak, Jerry Sohl, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Richard Wilson and Robert F Young)
The Sherlock Holmes Megapack (2014) (with Marc Bilgrey, Rhys Bowen, Carla Coupe, Jack Grochot, Bruce Kilstein, Michael Kurland, Gary Lovisi, Richard A Lupoff, Michael Mallory, Adam Beau McFarlane, Thos. Kent Miller, Mike Resnick, Linda Robertson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Robert J Sawyer, Stan Trybulski and Mark Wardecker)
The Weird Fiction Megapack: 25 Stories from Weird Tales (2014) (with Zealia Bishop, Paul Compton, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Nictzin Dyalhis, Paul Ernst, Robert E Howard, Malcolm Jameson, Jr., Ronal Kayser, Henry Kuttner, Julius Long, H P Lovecraft, Bassett Morgan, Earl Peirce, G.G. Pendarves, E Hoffmann Price, Dorothy Quick, D.W. Rimel, Darrell Schweitzer, Clark Ashton Smith, Pearl Norton Swet, Steve Rasnic Tem, Howard Wandrei, Manly Wade Wellman and Tennessee Williams)
The Second Mystery Megapack: 25 Modern & Classic Mystery Stories (2014) (with Ray Cummings, John L French, Ron Goulart, Michael Hemmingson, Arlette Lees, Jean Lorrah and Mack Reynolds)
X is for Xmas: A Christmas Mystery MEGAPACK TM (2015) (with William G Bogart, Lillian Stewart Carl, Wilkie Collins, Ron Goulart, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Johnston McCulley, Meredith Nicholson and Liz Zelvin)
The 11th Science Fiction MEGAPACK (2016) (with Poul Anderson, Manly Banister, Jerome Bixby, J F Bone, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Hal Clement, Mark Clifton, Lester del Rey, Simon Eisner, E Everett Evans, H B Fyfe, Christopher Grimm, James E Gunn, Raymond F Jones, C M Kornbluth, Fritz Leiber, Murray Leinster, Katherine MacLean, William Morrison, Frederik Pohl, Frank M Robinson, Ross Rocklynne, Tony Rothman, Robert Silverberg, Clifford D Simak, Evelyn E Smith, Stephen Tall, William Tenn, Sydney J Van Scyoc, F. L. Wallace, Robert Moore Williams, Donald A Wollheim and Robert F Young)
The 12th Science Fiction MEGAPACK (2016) (with Poul Anderson, Alan Arkin, Manly Banister, Jerome Bixby, Ray Bradbury, Rosel George Brown, Lucius Daniel, Lester del Rey, Philip K Dick, H.B. Hickey, R A Lafferty, Keith Laumer, Fritz Leiber, Murray Leinster, Richard Matheson, Walter M Miller, Chad Oliver, Talmage Powell, Mack Reynolds, Frank M Robinson, Tony Rothman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, George O Smith and Jim Wannamaker)
The Alien MEGAPACK (2016) (with Manly Banister, Eando Binder, Jerome Bixby, Roger Dee, Lester del Rey, Bill Doede, Howard Fast, Gardner E. Fox, Frank Belknap Long, Katherine MacLean, Chad Oliver, Edgar Pangborn, Emil Petaja, Talmage Powell, Nat Schachner, Al Sevcik, Tim Sullivan, Charles V. De Vet, Edward Wellen, Robert Moore Williams, Richard Wilson, Everil Worrell and Arthur Leo Zagat)
The 4th Mystery MEGAPACK (2016) (with Geraldine Bonner, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Fletcher Flora, James C Glass, James Holding, Rufus King, R A Lafferty, Frank Belknap Long, Vincent McConnor, Johnston McCulley, William P McGivern, Joseph J. Millard, Ferenc Molnar and Stephen Wasylyk)


Series contributed to
Anthology series
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by John Gregory Betancourt
Short stories
The Green Thumb (1984)
Vernon's Dragon (1984)
The Children of Lommos (1987) (with Darrell Schweitzer)
Tap Dancing (1991)
Reformed (1992)
Copycat (1993)
Human Spirit, Beetle Spirit [short story] (1993)
The Man Who Collected Knives (1993)
The Duke of Demolition Goes to Hell (1994)
Vole (1994)
And the Band Played On: The Band's Tale (1995)
By Moonlight (1995)
Miss Vampire New Mexico Meets Her Dream Date (1995)
The Tale of Lady Ashburn (1995)
The Adventure of the Amateur Mendicant Society (1996)

John Gregory Betancourt recommends
Windows of the Imagination
Windows of the Imagination (1998)
Darrell Schweitzer
"These 29 essays on fantasy, skepticism, writing, and related topics--spanning nearly two decades--are filled with the insightful observations of a literary master. Schweitzer is one of the best critics in the field."

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