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Hebe Elsna

(Dorothy Phoebe Ansle)
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aka Laura Conway, Vicky Lancaster, Lyndon Snow
Child of Passion (1928)
The Third Wife (1928)
Sweeter Unpossessed (1929)
Study of Sara (1930)
We are the Pilgrims (1931)
Upturned Palms (1933)
Half Sisters (1934)
Women Always Forgive (1934)
Receipt for Hardness (1935)
Uncertain Lover (1935)
Crista Moon (1936)
Gypsy Virtue (1936) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
You Never Knew (1936)
Brief Heroine (1937)
Dawn through the Shutters (1937) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Men are so Strange (1937) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
People Are So Respectable (1937)
Heartbreaker (1938) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Like Summer Brave (1938)
Masquerade for Love (1938) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Strait-Jacket (1938)
This Clay Suburb (1938)
This Wild Enchantment (1938) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Daughter at Home (1939) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Three Roads to Heaven (1939) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The Wedding Took Place (1939)
Farewell to Veronica (1940) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The First Week in September (1940)
Sometimes Spring Returns (1940) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Young Love Wakes (1940) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Everyone Loves Lorraine (1941)
Follow Your Star (1941) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Lady Misjudged (1941)
Must the Dream End (1941) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Second Thoughts (1941) (as by Lyndon Snow)
But Joy Kissed Me (1942) (as by Lyndon Snow)
None Can Return (1942)
Our Little Life (1942)
See my Shining Palace (1942)
Sweet Shipwreck (1942) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The Happy Cinderella (1943) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
No Fields of Amaranth (1943)
Three Latch Keys (1943) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Young and Broke (1943)
Dream Daughter (1944) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Happiest Year (1944)
I Have Lived To-Day (1944)
Lady-Look Ahead (1944) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
They Loved in Donegal (1944) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Christening Party (1945) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Echo from Afar (1945)
The Gilded Ladder (1945)
Cafeteria (1946)
Dear Yesterday (1946) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Early Blossom (1946) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Fixed as the Stars (1946) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The Sunset Hour (1946) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Clemency Page (1947)
The Dream and the World (1947)
All Visitors Ashore (1948)
The Gift of My Heart (1948) (as by Lyndon Snow)
So Many Worlds (1948) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Two Walk Apart (1948) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Come to My Wedding (1949) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Midnight matinee (1949)
Perfect Marriage (1949) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The Soul of Mary Olivane (1949)
All in the Day's Work (1950) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Door Between (1950)
Draw Back the Curtain (1950) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Golden Future (1950) (as by Lyndon Snow)
No Shallow Stream (1950)
Short Lease (1950) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Happy Birthday to You (1951)
Homecoming (1951) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Poor Butterfly (1951) (as by Lyndon Snow)
A Year of Her Life (1951) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Convert (1952)
A Day of Grace (1952)
Honoured Guest (1952) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Love Calls Me Home (1952) (as by Laura Conway)
Made in Heaven (1952) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Passing Sweet (1952) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
They Were Not Divided (1952) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The Career of Stella Merlin (1953) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Dearest Enemy (1953) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Gail Talbot (1953)
A Girl Disappears (1953)
Innocent Enchantress (1953) (as by Laura Conway)
Loving You Always (1953) (as by Laura Conway)
Wayward Love (1953) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Always Remember (1954) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Catherine of Braganza (1954)
Consider These Women (1954)
Do Not Forget Me (1954) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Love's Prisoner (1954) (as by Laura Conway)
Lover's Staff (1954) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Many a Human Heart (1954) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
A Shade of Darkness (1954)
Alone with You (1955) (as by Lyndon Snow)
In Search of Love (1955) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Love Me for Ever (1955) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Lovers in Darkness (1955) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
So New to Love (1955) (as by Laura Conway)
Suspicion (1955) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The Sweet Lost Years (1955)
Enchantment (1956) (as by Laura Conway)
Hard to Win (1956) (as by Laura Conway)
I Bequeath (1956)
So Fair My Love (1956) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Strange Visitor (1956)
Tomorrow's Promise (1956) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Way of a Man (1956) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Women in Love (1956) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Be True to Me (1957) (as by Laura Conway)
For Love Alone (1957) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Marrying Kind (1957)
My Dear Lady (1957)
Princess in Love (1957) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Romance Is Always Young (1957) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Royal Deputy (1957) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
When Next We Meet (1957) (as by Laura Conway)
All Our Tomorrows (1958) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The Amazing Marriage (1958) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The Gay Unfortunate (1958)
A Heart to Be Won (1958) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Mrs. Melbourne (1958)
No Regrets (1958) (as by Laura Conway)
Silence Is Golden (1958) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Wish Upon a Dream (1958) (as by Laura Conway)
By Love Transformed (1959) (as by Laura Conway)
Moonlight Witchery (1959) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Past Must Die (1959) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Stealer of Hearts (1959) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Sun Still Shines (1959) (as by Laura Conway)
The Unbroken Link (1959) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The Younger Miss Nightingale (1959)
Bargain in Love (1960) (as by Laura Conway)
Happy Event (1960) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Marks Upon The Snow (1960)
Secret Lives (1960) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Some Day You'll Love Me (1960) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Sweet Wine of Youth (1960) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Time Is - Time Was (1960)
The Turn of the Road (1960) (as by Laura Conway)
After All (1961) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Cobweb Mist (1961) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
The Fabulous Marriage (1961) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Little Goddess (1961)
Lonely Dreamer (1961)
Shadow Marriage (1961) (as by Laura Conway)
Snake in the Grass (1961) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Teach Me to Forget (1961) (as by Laura Conway)
Vicky (1961)
Anything Can Happen (1962) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1962)
Doctor in Suspense (1962) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Lovers in Waiting (1962) (as by Laura Conway)
My Dream Fulfilled (1962) (as by Lyndon Snow)
No Good As a Nurse (1962) (as by Vicky Lancaster)
Take Pity Upon Youth (1962)
Difficult to Love (1963) (as by Lyndon Snow)
A House Called Pleasance (1963)
Minstrel's Court (1963)
Prima Donna (1963) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Safety for My Love (1963) (as by Laura Conway)
Unwanted Wife (1963)
A Way Through the Maze (1963) (as by Laura Conway)
A Butterfly's Hour (1964) (as by Laura Conway)
Loving Is Different (1964) (as by Laura Conway)
My Brother's Wife (1964) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Too Well Beloved (1964)
The Undying Past (1964)
The One Who Looked On (1965) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Bright Face Of Honour (1965) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Brimming Cup (1965)
The China Princess (1965)
Gifted Friend (1965) (as by Laura Conway)
His Shadow on the Wall (1965) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Two Fair Daughters (1965) (as by Laura Conway)
Five Mrs. Lorrimers (1966) (as by Laura Conway)
Heiress Apparent (1966) (as by Laura Conway)
My Cousin Lola (1966) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Saxon's Folly (1966)
Spinster of This Parish (1966) (as by Lyndon Snow)
For a Dream's Sake (1967) (as by Laura Conway)
The Head of the House (1967) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Queen's Ward (1967)
The Unforgotten (1967) (as by Laura Conway)
The Wise Virgin (1967)
Gallant Lady (1968)
Heir of Garlands (1968)
Moment of Truth (1968) (as by Laura Conway)
Moment of Truth (1968) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Poor Relation (1968) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Abbot's House (1969)
Dearest Mamma (1969) (as by Laura Conway)
Honey for the Bee (1969) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Night of the Party (1969) (as by Laura Conway)
The Night of the Ruby (1969) (as by Laura Conway)
Pursuit of Pleasure (1969)
Three Wives (1969) (as by Laura Conway)
All Past Years (1970) (as by Laura Conway)
Francesca (1970) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Gilded Ladder (1970) (as by Laura Conway)
The Mask of Comedy (1970)
Minstrel's Court (1970) (as by Lyndon Snow)
None Can Return (1970) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Sing for Your Supper (1970)
Take Heed of Loving Me (1970)
The Love Match (1971)
See My Shining Palace (1971) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Sisters (1971) (as by Laura Conway)
Yesterday and Tomorrow (1971) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Portrait of Lorraine (1971) (as by Laura Conway)
The King's Bastard (1971)
An Arrow in My Heart (1972) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Living with Paula (1972) (as by Laura Conway)
Prelude for Two Queens (1972)
They Were Not Divided (1972) (as by Laura Conway)
No Fields of Amaranth (1972) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Acquittal (1973) (as by Laura Conway)
Elusive Crown (1973)
Trial and Error (1973) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Little Goddess (1973) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Strange Visitor (1973) (as by Laura Conway)
Mary Olivane (1973)
Dark Symmetry (1973) (as by Laura Conway)
Francesca (1973) (as by Laura Conway)
The Abbot's House (1974) (as by Laura Conway)
Sweet Lost Years (1974) (as by Laura Conway)
The Cherished Ones (1974)
Eldest Daughter (1974)
Don't Shut Me Out (1974) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Marks Upon the Snow (1974) (as by Laura Conway)
Distant Landscape (1975)
Lonely Dreamer (1975) (as by Laura Conway)
Link in the Chain (1975)
Dark Dream (1975) (as by Lyndon Snow)
If This be Sin (1975) (as by Laura Conway)
A link in the chain (1975) (as by Laura Conway)
Echo from Afar (1976) (as by Laura Conway)
Many a Human Heart (1976) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Best Loved Person (1976) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Cast a Long Shadow (1976)
Dark Dream (1976) (as by Laura Conway)
Take Heed of Loving Me (1976) (as by Laura Conway)
I Bequeath (1977) (as by Laura Conway)
I am Melinda (1977) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The World of Christy Pembroke (1978) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Journey Home (1978) (as by Laura Conway)
A House Called Pleasance (1978) (as by Laura Conway)
Latchkeys (1978) (as by Lyndon Snow)
Cast a Long Shadow (1978) (as by Laura Conway)
Too Well Beloved (1979) (as by Laura Conway)
All Visitors Ashore (1979) (as by Laura Conway)
Family Duel (1979)
Conjuror's Daughter (1979) (as by Lyndon Snow)
I Know Not Whither (1979) (as by Laura Conway)
Bid Time Return (1979)
Songless Wood (1979) (as by Lyndon Snow)
The Undying Past (1980) (as by Laura Conway)
Case is Closed (1980) (as by Laura Conway)
Long Years of Loving (1981)
Red Headed Bastard (1981)
Heiress Presumptive (1981)
My Lover - The King (1982)
Distant Landscape (1983) (as by Laura Conway)
Cherished Ones (1983) (as by Laura Conway)



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