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Kevin Egan graduated with a B.A. in English from Cornell University, where he studied creative writing under Dan McCall (Jack the Bear) and Robert Morgan (Gap Creek). He is the author of six novels, with his seventh, The Missing Piece, to be published by Forge in April, 2015. His previous novel, Midnight, was named a Best Book of 2013 by Kirkus Reviews.

His first novel, The Perseus Breed, combined a science fiction story-line with strong mystery genre elements. In the book, Borley Shares obsessive quest to understand the sudden disappearance of his first serious girlfriend uncovers the existence of an alien race using the Earth as a nursery to raise its young.

Writing as Conor Daly, he published a three-book mystery series featuring Kieran Lenahan, who quits the practice of law to become a golf pro. In Local Knowledge, a dead clients testamentary request that Kieran auction a set of rare German golf clubs enmeshes him in a murderous conspiracy with roots in World War II. In Buried Lies, Kieran is falsely accused of torching his own pro shop on the same day that his long-time caddie falls in front of a train. Only Kieran believes that the two events are connected. The Booklist review of Buried Lies opined: Good golf scenes and a believable mystery make this second Kieran Lenahan novel the best golfing mystery on the market. In Outside Agency, Kieran wakes up in a strange apartment next to a woman who happens to be dead. He has no memory of who she is or how he got there, but needs to find out fast to save his own neck.

Writing as K.J. Egan, he published Where It Lies, which features Jenny Chase, a single mom and country club pro. This book opens with the apparent suicide of a greenskeeper, who is survived by his wife and autistic teenage son. When the greenkeepers life insurer disclaims its million dollar policy based on a suicide clause, Jenny sets out to prove that the death was murder. Along the way, she uncovers even more horrible secrets.

Genres: Mystery
Kieran Lenahan Mystery (as by Conor Daly)
   1. Local Knowledge (1995)
   2. Buried Lies (1996)
   3. Outside Agency (1997)