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Wendy Walker has worked as an attorney specialising in family law. She lives in Connecticut where she is at work on her next novel.

Genres: Mystery
Wendy Walker recommends
The Clairvoyants (2017)
Karen Brown
"Karen Brown draws us effortlessly into the mysterious world of The Clairvoyants, where the line between the dead and the living falls away. An enchanting novel that will keep you turning pages!"
The Other Woman (2018)
Sandie Jones
"The Other Woman is fun and fiendishly clever with a twist you will not see coming. Make room in your beach bag for this one!"
Sister of Mine (2018)
Laurie Petrou
"A unique and complex story of sisterhood and secrets that ends with a twist you won't see coming."
Every Single Secret (2018)
Emily Carpenter
"Every Single Secret takes you on a journey into a dark, surreal world…A true psychological thriller that will leave you breathless."
Three Days Missing (2018)
Kimberly Belle
"A missing child, a desperate mother, and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing -Three Days Missing has all the right stuff for an engaging, suspenseful read."
After Nightfall (2018)
A J Banner
"A. J. Banner keeps the pages turning with this twisty thriller that strikes right at the heart of our closest relationships."
Not Her Daughter (2018)
Rea Frey
"An emotional ride where the line between right and wrong begins to fade…pulls you in from the very first page, and unlike most in its genre, you won't know how you want it to end until it does."
Hunting Annabelle (2018)
Wendy Heard
"Hunting Annabelle delivers the goods! This dark thriller takes you inside the tortured mind of a young man who has killed before - and fears he will kill again. When a woman crosses his path and then goes missing, anything seems possible. But what really happened to Annabelle? Pages fly right up to a final, heart-stopping turn. Wendy Heard proves herself a writer to watch!"
The Taking of Annie Thorne (2019)
C J Tudor
"Razor-sharp writing and masterful plotting drive this dark story about a small town, buried secrets, and ghosts from the past. Witty and compelling all at once, The Hiding Place is a must read page-turner!"
The Winter Sister (2019)
Megan Collins
"Atmospheric and heart-rending, The Winter Sister brilliantly weaves together a gripping, suspenseful plot with a compelling character study of a grieving family. From the mysterious mother with a hidden past, to the guilt-ridden sister who now must solve her sister's murder years ago, these characters will stay with you long after you've turned the final page. Wonderful!"
The Last Time I Saw You (2019)
Liv Constantine
"Liv Constantine delivers the goods with this cat-and-mouse thrill ride! As characters unravel and new suspects are revealed, Constantine keeps us guessing until the final, shocking twist. Masterful plotting, skillful character development, and a plot that pulls at the heartstrings--THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU has it all."
All That's Bright and Gone (2019)
Eliza Nellums
"Eliza Nellums has crafted a mesmerizing debut novel. Pulled into the world of Aoife, a six-year-old girl searching for the truth about her brother, we experience her grief and hope as our own as the mystery twists and turns to an unexpected ending. A thoroughly engaging read!"
Behind Every Lie (2020)
Christina McDonald
"In Behind Every Lie, Christina McDonald brilliantly intertwines page-turning suspense with jaw-dropping family secrets. An emotionally-charged domestic thriller that is sure to please!"
Death in the Family (2020)
(Shana Merchant, book 1)
Tessa Wegert
"Intricate plotting and a razor-sharp narration keep the pages turning in this up-all-night murder mystery. Menacing and atmospheric, Death in the Family will have you on the edge of your seat rooting for Detective Shana Merchant to uncover the truth and triumph over the scars of her own dark past. A tense, riveting read!"
Follow Me (2020)
Kathleen Barber
"Relevant and chilling, Follow Me is a compelling, cautionary tale about the lust for social media attention and the dangers of Internet exposure. A must-read!"
Darling Rose Gold (2020)
Stephanie Wrobel
"Darling Rose Gold is an original, stunning debut! Masterful crafting of a split time-frame and utterly compelling characters will hook readers from the very first page until they finally learn the truth hiding within this chilling mother-daughter relationship. An intelligent, beguiling read that should be at the top of every reader’s list."
The Eighth Girl (2020)
Maxine Mei-Fung Chung
"The Eighth Girl is an exquisite exploration of childhood trauma and its impact on the psyche. Part thriller, part character study, I devoured this novel in one sitting, reflecting on each sentence, each passage, and each astute observation of humanity. A true gem!"
The Return (2020)
Rachel Harrison
"The Return is supernatural horror at its very best! Sharp dialogue, complex relationships and mind-bending action will have readers locking their doors and checking under their beds. Rachel Harrison has reinvented this genre and will surely be hailed as a pioneer among her peers."
The Closer You Get (2020)
Mary Torjussen
"If you haven’t read Mary Torjussen, what are you waiting for? Her latest, The Closer You Get, is domestic noir at its very best."
He Started It (2020)
Samantha Downing
"Downing ups her game in this deliciously twisted tale of family deception. He Started It has layers upon layers of clever, shocking twists that begin in the first chapter and never let up. Breathless pacing and terse, impeccable writing create a phenomenal reading experience. I am obsessed!"
Everyone Knows How Much I Love You (2020)
Kyle McCarthy
"A fascinating exposé of the twisted, porous lines that separate brilliance from insanity, self-awareness from misperception, and love from obsession. McCarthy meanders through the complexities of a lifelong friendship and lingers on brutally honest moments of female desire and longing, adding her voice to the glorious chorus of modern-day feminist authors."
The Last Flight (2020)
Julie Clark
"Strong women take center stage in this Breaking Bad meets Sleeping with the Enemy thriller. The Last Flight has it all - original characters, fast pacing, and clever twists, all in one explosive package!"
Perfectly Famous (2020)
Emily Liebert
"Perfectly Famous is a killer summer read! When a back-to-work journalist investigates the sudden disappearance of a famous author, suspects emerge from every corner of both women's lives. Spot-on characters and clever plotting drive this latest thriller by Emily Liebert to a deliciously unexpected ending!"
The Swap (2020)
Robyn Harding
"Two young couples. One remote island. And a night that goes too far. What could possibly go wrong? Robyn Harding’s The Swap is everything I’ve come to love about her books—provocative, sexy, and full of surprises!"
Hurry Home (2020)
Roz Nay
"Pitch-perfect and flawlessly constructed...A breath stealing, edge-of-your seat thriller!"
Someone Else's Secret (2020)
Julia Spiro
"Someone Else’s Secret explores the realities of young love, coming-of-age, and the traumatic events women often face. Julia Spiro handles these difficult issues gracefully by pulling us into her fictional journey but also elevating the voices of women everywhere who are sure to recognize a part of themselves along the way."
In Case of Emergency (2020)
E G Scott
"When a brilliant but troubled doctor is listed as the emergency contact for a woman found dead - a woman who's a complete stranger - she finds herself the prime suspect in the murder. Razor sharp narration and witty dialogue keep the pages turning in this fantastic follow-up to EG Scott's breakout sensation The Woman Inside."
The Wicked Sister (2020)
Karen Dionne
"Karen Dionne is back with a dark, atmospheric and chilling tale set in the deep woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Beautifully written, The Wicked Sister moves seamlessly between past and present, unraveling the truth behind a family tragedy. From her insightful depiction of both the grace and bitter cruelty of humanity, to her command of the plot and pacing, Dionne’s brilliance shines through on every single page. Prepare to be blown away!"
And Now She's Gone (2020)
Rachel Howzell Hall
"Sharp, witty and perfectly paced, And Now She’s Gone is one hell of a read!"
For the Best (2020)
Vanessa Lillie
"As a woman tries to clear her name of a murder charge using an investigative vlog, she unearths secrets that hit close to home. The resolution is emotionally complex and devoid of sneaky tricks and tropes. For the Best is intelligent and wholly original. It is that rare book that makes you race to the end but then stop in your tracks and just say WHOA! The perfect follow-up to Lillie’s sensational debut, Little Voices."
The Watcher (2020)
(Kateri Fisher, book 1)
Jennifer Pashley
"Pashley's seamless, yet meticulous writing pulls the reader into the bleak world of rural upstate New York...Atmospheric and dark, yet emotionally compelling, The Watcher is simply phenomenal on all counts. Jennifer Pashley is nothing short of a rising star."
They Never Learn (2020)
Layne Fargo
"Raw, ingenious, and utterly fearless...psychology suspense at its best."
Little Threats (2020)
Emily Schultz
"Schultz unfolds her story with masterful precision and restraint, delivering a novel that is pure emotional dynamite."
Finlay Donovan Is Killing It (2021)
(Finlay Donovan, book 1)
Elle Cosimano
"Clever, perfectly plotted, and laugh out loud funny, Finlay Donovan is Killing It is one of those books that will make you smile long after you've turned the last page."
Girl, 11 (2021)
Amy Suiter Clarke
"In this remarkable debut, Amy Suiter Clarke weaves together narratives from a true crime podcaster’s real life and her broadcasts as she tracks down a serial killer who may have returned after years of lying in wait. This compelling and skillfully crafted story will keep readers glued to the pages. GIRL, 11 is current, twisty, and utterly irresistible!"
Her Three Lives (2021)
Cate Holahan
"After a terrifying home invasion leaves a man close to death, he begins to question the people he loves most. The plot twists keep coming with every chapter until the shocking reveal. An outstanding read!"
The Next Wife (2021)
Kaira Rouda
"One man. Two wives. Kaira Rouda has masterfully created cunning twists and sharp narration that take you on an unexpected and delicious journey and will leave you with a gasp. Devious and fun, The Next Wife should be the next book you read!"
Ruby Falls (2021)
Deborah Goodrich Royce
"In 1968, young Ruby Russell loses her father while touring an underground cave. She recalls the moment his hand left hers, and nearly twenty years later, his disappearance remains a mystery. Ruby has reinvented herself as Eleanor Russell, married the man of her dreams, and is acting in a feature film. But as her new life begins to go awry, the mystery surrounding her past and present collide in a well-crafted and head spinning twist that I did not see coming. Ruby Falls is a skillfully plotted page turner!"
Six Weeks to Live (2021)
Catherine McKenzie
"Six Weeks to Live begins with a devastating premise, then takes the reader on the most unexpected ride as a mother seeks to uncover the truth about the illness that is about to take her life. With skillful plotting and flawless narration, McKenzie weaves together past and present in this twisty, page-turning and, ultimately, heartbreaking novel. Thoroughly enjoyable!"
Confess to Me (2021)
Sharon Doering
"Wow! The characters in Confess to Me jump right off the page. Doering writes with exceptional authenticity and imagination, delivering spellbinding plot twists in this small town psychological thriller. I loved every moment spent with this story!"
I Don't Forgive You (2021)
Aggie Blum Thompson
"Aggie Thompson's propulsive storytelling and relatable characters make I Don't Forgive You a thriller not to be missed!"
Her Last Breath (2021)
Hilary Davidson
"Hilary Davidson brings her A game in this stand-alone thriller about a woman’s search to find her sister’s killer. With a twisty Agatha Christie plot, complex psychological threads, and deep, dark family secrets, Her Last Breath is a genre-bending page-turner!"
Kill All Your Darlings (2021)
David Bell
"This compelling thriller about a professor, a student, and a stolen manuscript that closely mirrors a real-life murder will keep readers guessing until the very last page. Kill All Your Darlings is storytelling at its very best!"
The Last Guest (2021)
Tess Little
"Dark, compelling Hollywood intrigue and a diverse cast of well-drawn characters make The Last Guest a unique locked-room mystery that readers will simply devour! It’s perfect for fans of Lucy Foley."
Everything We Didn't Say (2021)
Nicole Baart
"In the small town of Jericho, the past is better left alone – even when a double murder remains unsolved, casting shadows on a family that has been torn apart for over fourteen years. Weaving together past and present, Everything We Didn’t Say is a poignant, riveting tale about love, loyalty and secrets that will sink into your bones and leave you breathless!"
The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections (2022)
Eva Jurczyk
"This intricately woven literary mystery brings readers into the cut-throat world of academia where rare book collections compete for money and prestige, and where those in power will do whatever it takes to protect their institution. A strong female protagonist and complex relationships drive this impressive, genre-bending debut."
The Perfect Escape (2022)
Leah Konen
"When three women embark on a trip to forget their broken lives, they become embroiled in the centre of a murder investigation. The Perfect Escape is a clever, locked room mystery that is compulsively readable and impossible to put down!"
Beneath the Stairs (2022)
Jennifer Fawcett
"In Beneath the Stairs, Jennifer Fawcett explores the lasting impact of childhood trauma in this metaphysical story about a house with buried secrets. An enthralling debut by a gifted storyteller!"
Finding Grace (2022)
Janis Thomas
"Finding Grace is a compelling psychological suspense drama about the ties that bind and the forgiveness that lives within us all. A truly unique and captivating read!"
Lacie's Secrets (2022)
Tullan Holmqvist and Teresa Sorkin
"This compelling story about the lasting power of dark family secrets and childhood trauma is a great read!"
One of us is Dead (2022)
Jeneva Rose
"Big Little Lies meets Real Housewives in this scandalous mystery by Jeneva Rose. One of Us Is Dead takes an insightful look at wealth and power when a group of socialites gather at an exclusive salon and one of them winds up dead. A wicked, clever, and highly entertaining read!"
Dear Seraphina (2022)
Avery Bishop
"Wickedly clever and full of delicious surprises, Dear Seraphina is a fantastic novella! Avery Bishop deftly establishes the characters then lets the story fly off the page. I loved it!"
It Could Be Anyone (2022)
Jaime Lynn Hendricks
"When five friends attend a destination wedding in Miami, the groom dies and everyone is a suspect in this expertly crafted locked room mystery. The web of secrets cleverly unfolds from the very first page, and will keep readers guessing until the very last. Highly engaging!"
First Victim (2022)
Debbie Babitt
"The life of a judge presiding over a brutal murder trial begins to unravel as the case unearths ghosts from her dark past - one she's kept secret from everyone, including her grown daughter. Propulsive writing and a gripping story make First Victim one hell of a thriller!"
Are You Sara? (2022)
S C Lalli
"Dynamic women with complicated lives take center stage in this twisty mystery about a rideshare mix-up which results in murder. Lalli is a fresh voice in the thriller genre and a writer to watch!"
The Last Housewife (2022)
Ashley Winstead
"Provocative and downright terrifying, The Last Housewife feels ripped from the headlines as it explores the dark world of a violent, misogynist cult in a New York college town. The story unfolds through the eyes of Shay Evans, who returns to avenge the deaths of two college friends and save the women who are still in danger. Winstead deftly tackles the complicated issues of gender, coercion and agency while crafting an edge-of-your-seat, action-packed thriller!"
Imposter (2022)
Bradeigh Godfrey
"After Lilian and her estranged sister, Rosie, survive a near-fatal hit-and-run, Lilian must uncover long-buried secrets from Rosie's troubled past to keep them both safe. The lines between reality and illusion blur as Imposter builds to an electrifying twist and action-packed ending. A great debut of psychological suspense from a writer to watch!"
The Resemblance (2022)
Lauren Nossett
"The Resemblance is a taut campus mystery that grows bigger and dives deeper into the community as the crime unfolds. Twisty turns with an emotional punch deliver a captivating read."
Lovely Girls (2023)
Margot Hunt
"When a body washes up on a Florida beach, anyone could be the killer - or the victim - in a town where the girls are raised to be ruthless and the mothers will stop at nothing to protect them. Pages turn themselves in this deliciously devious tale!"

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