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Charlie Flowers

Charlie Flowers is the author of the bestselling "Riz" thriller trilogy.

Charlie was born in Eastern Europe sometime in the late Sixties and arrived with his family in Britain in 1975. After training as a journalist in London he had a varied career as reporter, roadie, truck driver and record label boss. In the late Nineties he formed two cult bands, and is currently an adviser on terrorism and extremism to certain departments and think tanks. He writes full-time and is based in London.

Genres: Mystery
Riz Sabir Mysteries
   1. Hard Kill (2012)
     aka Riz
   2. The Fox Princess (2012)
     aka Danger Close
   3. Blood Honeymoon (2013)
     aka Kill Order
   4. Battle Come Down (2014)
   5. Murder Most Rural (2015)
   6. Banger (2016)
   7. The Boldest Measures (2017)
   The Siege (2016)
   Capital Crimes (2015) (with Charlie Cochrane, Stephen Edger, Alan McDermott, J L Merrow, Lambert Nagle, Alex Shaw, Graeme Shimmin, Maynard Sims and Douglas Stewart)
   Twisted Tales (2016) (with Glen Barrera, Julie Mayerson Brown, Mark Fine, Jean Gill, Elizabeth Horton-Newton, Anita Kovacevic, Michelle Medhat, Geoff Nelder and Neil Newton)
   Death Toll 3 (2019) (with Dominic Adler, J H Bogran, Paul D Brazill, Stephen Edger, Paul Grzegorzek, Matt Hilton, Jamie Mason, Alex Shaw and Douglas Stewart)
Non fiction
   Mrs Kirpachi's Cookbook (2017) (with Misbah Mazhar)