David Frome

A pseudonym used by Leslie Ford

Genres: Mystery
Major Gregory Lewis Mystery
   1. The Murder of an Old Man (1929)
   2. In At the Death (1930)
   3. The Strange Death of Martin Green (1931)
     aka The Murder on the Sixth Hole
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Evan Pinkerton Mystery
   1. The Hammersmith Murders (1930)
   2. The By-pass Murder (1931)
     aka Two Against Scotland Yard
   3. The Man From Scotland Yard (1932)
     aka Mr Simpson Finds a Body
   4. The Eel Pie Murders (1933)
     aka The Eel Pie Mystery
   5. Mr. Pinkerton Finds a Body (1934)
     aka The Body in the Turl
   6. Mr. Pinkerton Goes to Scotland Yard (1934)
     aka Arsenic in Richmond
   7. Mr. Pinkerton Grows a Beard (1934)
     aka The Body In Bedford Square
   8. Mr. Pinkerton Has the Clue (1936)
   9. The Black Envelope (1937)
     aka The Guilt Is Plain
   10. Mr. Pinkerton At the Old Angel (1939)
     aka Mr. Pinkerton and the Old Angel
   11. Mr. Pinkerton: Passage for One (1945)
   12. Homicide House (1950)
     aka Murder On the Square
   Scotland Yard Can Wait (1933)
     aka That's Your Man Inspector
Anthologies containing stories by David Frome
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Short stories
Policeman's Cape