Leslie Ford's picture

Leslie Ford

(Zenith Jones Brown)
USA flag (1889 - 1983)

aka Brenda Conrad, David Frome

Leslie Ford is one of the pseudonyms of Zenith Brown (nee Jones). The other names this author used are Brenda Conrad and David Frome. Leslie Ford became a freelance writer after 1927. Ms. Ford was a correspondent for the United States Air Force both in the Pacific area and in England during the Second World War. Leslie Ford died in September of 1983.

Genres: Mystery
Lt. Joseph Kelly Mystery
1. Murder in Maryland (1932)
2. The Clue Of The Judas Tree (1933)
Colonel Primrose Mystery
1. The Strangled Witness (1934)
2. Ill Met By Moonlight (1937)
3. The Simple Way of Poison (1937)
4. Three Bright Pebbles (1938)
5. Mr. Cromwell Is Dead (1939)
     aka Reno Rendezvous
6. False to Any Man (1939)
     aka Snow-white Murder
7. Old Lover's Ghost (1940)
8. The Murder of the Fifth Colimnist (1941)
     aka A Capitol Crime
9. Murder in the O. P. M (1942)
     aka Priority Murder
10. Siren in the Night (1943)
11. All for the Love of a Lady (1944) (with Zenith Brown)
     aka Crack of Dawn
12. The Philadelphia Murder Story (1945)
13. Honolulu Murder Story (1947)
     aka Honolulu Story
14. The Woman In Black (1947) (with Zenith Brown)
15. The Devil's Stronghold (1948)
16. Washington Whispers Murder (1952)
     aka The Lying Jade
Footsteps On the Stairs (1931)
     aka The Sound of Footsteps
By the Watchman's Clock (1932)
Burn Forever (1935)
     aka Mountain Madness
The Town Cried Murder (1939)
Road to Folly (1940)
A Capital Crime (1941)
     aka The Murder of the Fifth Columnist
Murder Down South (1942)
     aka Muder with Southern Hospitality
Date with Death (1949)
     aka Shot in the Dark
Murder Is the Pay-off (1951)
The Bahamas Murder Case (1952)
Invitation to Murder (1954)
Murder Comes to Eden (1955)
The Girl from the Mimosa Club (1957)
Trial for Ambush (1962)