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aka Donna Clayton

Growing up the third child of fiveyes, smack dab in the middle and the only girl to bootDonna Fasano had no idea she would one day be a published author. Her story-telling talents came to light when she conjured lively and elaborate tales of pure blarney (yes, she has a bit of Irish in her blood) for, first, her youngest brother, and years later, her children.Still happily married to her high school sweetheart, she is the mother of two grown sons who have flown the coop.

She and her husband share their home with Jake, a black and white, couch-potato border collie, and Roo, a spotted red and cream Australian cattle dog that looks (and acts) like a wild dingo. Donna's spare time is spent reading, walking the countryside and beach, or trying out new recipes from one of the many cookbooks she has collected over the years. Oh, and one night a week she and her hubby nab some alone time from their busy schedules, enjoying a nice glass of wine and a videopreferably a romantic comedy. Donna also volunteers loads of hours to her small church.

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
   Mountain Laurel (1990) (as by Donna Clayton)
   Return of the Runaway Bride (1994) (as by Donna Clayton)
   Wife for a While (1994) (as by Donna Clayton)
   Fortune's Bride (1995) (as by Donna Clayton)
   His Ten Year Old Secret (1999) (as by Donna Clayton)
   Her Dream Come True (1999) (as by Donna Clayton)
   Adopted Dad (1999) (as by Donna Clayton)
   Who Will Father My Baby? (2001) (as by Donna Clayton)
   The Nanny's Plan (2003) (as by Donna Clayton)
   Bound by Honor (2005) (as by Donna Clayton)
   Where's Stanley? (2006)
   Nanny and the Beast (2006) (as by Donna Clayton)
   The Merry-go-round (2009)
   His Wife for a While (2011)
   Nanny and the Professor (2012)
   Her Fake Romance (2012)
   Take Me, I'm Yours (2012)
   Return of the Runaway Bride (2013)
   Reclaim My Heart (2013)
   Finding Fiona (2017)
   Dangerous Memories (2018)
   Indie Chicks (2012) (with Heather Marie Adkins, Anne R Allen, Dani Amore (Dan Ames), Prue Batten, Danielle Blanchard, M A Comley, Daniel Da Cruz, Christine DeMaio-Rice, Lizzy Ford, Melissa Foster, Sibel Hodge, Carol Davis Luce, Shéa MacLeod, Karen McQuestion, Katherine Owen, Cheryl Shireman, Barbara Silkstone, Suzanne Tyrpak, Linda Lee Welch and Sarah Woodbury)
   Favorite Christmas Cookies (2014) (with Mimi Barbour, Nina Bruhns, Ruth Cardello, Annie Jones, Mona Risk, Alicia Street, Helen Scott Taylor, Patrice Wilton and Rebecca York)
   Book Bites 5 (2016) (with Rachelle Ayala, Mimi Barbour, Cynthia Cooke, Stacy Juba, Nancy Radke, Mona Risk, Jennifer Saints, Alicia Street and Patrice Wilton)
   Book Bites 6 (2016) (with Mimi Barbour, Nina Bruhns, Taylor Lee, Stephanie Queen, Joan Reeves, Mona Risk, Patricia Rosemoor, J L Saint and Rebecca York)
   Book Bites 7 (2016) (with Leanne Banks, Mimi Barbour, Denise Devine, Traci Hall, Taylor Lee, Stephanie Queen, Joan Reeves, Mona Risk, Patricia Rosemoor, Jennifer St Giles, Alicia Street, Katy Walter and Rebecca York)
   Book Bites 9 (2017) (with Leanne Banks, Mimi Barbour, Jacquie Biggar, Tamara Ferguson, Dani Haviland, Suzanne Jenkins, Nancy Radke, Mona Risk and Alicia Street)
   Book Bites 12 (2018) (with Leanne Banks, Mimi Barbour, Jacquie Biggar, Tamara Ferguson, Traci Hall, Dani Haviland, Suzanne Jenkins, Mona Risk and Patrice Wilton)
   Sweet and Sassy Daddies (2020) (with Natalie Ann, Mimi Barbour, Jacquie Biggar, Stacy Eaton, Suzanne Jenkins, Mona Risk and Jen Talty)
Series contributed to
Born in the USA (as by Donna Clayton)
   Taking Love in Stride (1991)
Conveniently Wed (as by Donna Clayton)
   Daddy Down the Aisle (1996)
Loving the Boss (as by Donna Clayton)
   1. The Boss and the Beauty (1998)
Virgin Brides (as by Donna Clayton)
   His Wild Young Bride (2000)
Royally Wed (as by Donna Clayton)
   14. In Pursuit of a Princess (2002)
Coltons (as by Donna Clayton)
   24. Close Proximity (2003)
Logan's Legacy (as by Donna Clayton)
   22. Royal Seduction (2004)
Soulmates (as by Donna Clayton)
   Because of Baby (2004)
Non fiction