Eleanor Farnes

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Eleanor Farnes is a British writer, who wrote over 60 romance novels at Mills & Boon from 1935 to 1979. Eleanor Farnes lived in England, but her family had a home in Spain, where she also spend part of each year. She also traveled widely in Europe, South Africa, and North America. She started to write after marrying and having 2 children. Her hobbies included the restoring of old houses and traveling, that had brought the charm and beauty of exotic locales to her novels, like Spain, Italy or Switzerland, that she knew personally. She also wrote doctor/nurse romances.

Genres: Romance
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   Surgeon's Marriage / Only Charity / Golden Peaks (1964) (with Kathryn Blair (Rosalind Brett) and Sara Seale)
     aka The Surgeon's Marriage, the Only Charity, the Golden Peaks. Volume 1
   Runaway Visitors / Tower of the Winds/ Rest is Magic (1977) (with Elizabeth Hunter and Marjorie Lewty)
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