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Violet Winspear's picture

Violet Winspear

UK flag (1928 - 1989)

Violet Winspear was born on April 28, 1928 in England and died at thebeginning of 1989.

Violet debued with the imprint in 1961 with the title Lucifer's Angel, thefirst of many "dark and dangerous" titles associated with her work. Shecaused a big controversy in 1970, when she claimed her heroes should"frighten and fascinate. They must be the sort of men who are capable ofrape". This comment caused uproar and lead to her receiving hate mail. In1973, she became a launch author for the new Harlequin Presents line ofcategory romance novels. Harlequin Presents books were more sensual than theprevious line, Harlequin Romance, under which Winspear had been published.She was chosen to be a launch author because she, along with Anne Mather andAnne Hampson were the most popular and prolific of Harlequin's authors. Sheis considered a legend in the romance community and influenced many authors,including Muriel Jensen, Jane Porter, Trish Morey and Sandra Marton. Shealso inspired to her nephew Jonathan Winspear to write.
Lucifer's Angel (1961)
Wife Without Kisses (1961)
The Strange Waif (1962)
House of Strangers (1963)
Beloved Tyrant (1964)
Cap Flamingo (1964)
Love's Prisoner (1964)
Bride's Dilemma (1965)
Desert Doctor (1965)
The Tower of the Captive (1966)
The Viking Stranger (1966)
Tender Is the Tyrant (1967)
Beloved Castaway (1968)
Court of the Veils (1968)
Blue Jasmine (1969)
The Dangerous Delight (1969)
Palace of the Peacocks (1969)
Pilgrim's Castle (1969)
The Unwilling Bride (1969)
The Cazalet Bride (1970)
The Chateau of St. Avrell (1970)
The Castle of the Seven Lilacs (1971)
Bride of Lucifer (1971)
Dear Puritan (1971)
Black Douglas (1971)
Raintree Valley (1971)
The Pagan Island (1972)
The Silver Slave (1972)
The Little Nobody (1972)
Rapture of the Desert (1972)
Devil in a Silver Room (1973)
The Kisses and the Wine (1973)
Forbidden Rapture (1973)
The Glass Castle (1973)
The Noble Savage (1974)
Palace of the Pomegranate (1974)
The Girl at Goldenhawk (1974)
Dearest Demon (1975)
The Devil's Darling (1975)
Satan Took a Bride (1975)
Darling Infidel (1976)
The Sin of Cynara (1976)
The Burning Sands (1976)
The Sun Tower (1976)
The Passionate Sinner (1977)
The Love Battle (1977)
Love in a Stranger's Arms (1977)
Time of the Temptress (1977)
The Loved and the Feared (1977)
The Awakening of Alice (1978)
The Valdez Marriage (1978)
Desire Has No Mercy (1979)
The Sheik's Captive (1979)
A Girl Possessed (1980)
Love's Agony (1981)
The Man She Married (1982)
Brides Lace (1984)
By Love Bewitched (1984)
Secret Fire (1984)
House of Storms (1985)
Sun Lord's Woman (1985)
The Honeymoon (1986)
A Silken Barbarity (1987)

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