Daphne Clair's picture

Daphne Clair

(Daphne Clair de Jong)
New Zealand (b.1939)

aka Laurey Bright, Clarissa Garland, Daphne de Jong, Claire Lorel

Daphne Clair de Jong is a popular New Zealand writer of over 70 romance novels in Mills & Boon since 1977 as Daphne Clair and Laurey Bright. She also signed her novels as Clair Lorel, Daphne de Jong and Clarissa Garland and she publishes poetry and articles.

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance
Return to Love (1977)
A Streak of Gold (1978)
My Darling Clementina (1978)
Jade Girl (1978)
The Sleeping Fire (1979)
The Jasmine Bride (1979)
Something Less Than Love (1979)
Darling Deceiver (1980)
A Wilder Shore (1980)
Frozen Heart (1980)
The Loving Trap (1980)
Never Count Tomorrow (1980)
Dark Remembrance (1981)
Lord Brandsley's Bride (1981) (as by Claire Lorel)
Promise to Pay (1981)
Miss Miranda's Marriage (1981) (as by Claire Lorel)
Tears of Morning (1981) (as by Laurey Bright)
Pacific Pretence (1982)
Sweet Vengeance (1982) (as by Laurey Bright)
Deep Waters (1983) (as by Laurey Bright)
Marriage under fire (1983)
A Ruling Passion (1983)
When Morning Comes (1984) (as by Laurey Bright)
Take Hold of Tomorrow (1984)
Fetters of the Past (1984) (as by Laurey Bright)
Long Way from Home (1985) (as by Laurey Bright)
Dark Dream (1985)
No Escape (1987)
The Rainbow Way (1987) (as by Laurey Bright)
No Winner (1987)
Jacinth (1988) (as by Laurey Bright)
A Sudden Sunlight (1989) (as by Laurey Bright)
The Wayward Bride (1989)
Games of Chance (1989) (as by Laurey Bright)
A Guilty Passion (1990) (as by Laurey Bright)
The Older Man (1992) (as by Laurey Bright)
Summer's Past (1992) (as by Laurey Bright)
The Kindness of Strangers (1993) (as by Laurey Bright)
Flame on the Horizon (1993)
Dark Mirror (1994)
Infamous Bargain (1994)
An Interrupted Marriage (1994) (as by Laurey Bright)
Edge of Deception (1995)
A Perfect Marriage (1995) (as by Laurey Bright)
Carpenter's Mermaid (1997)
Lover's Lies (1997)
Crossing the Bar (1998) (as by Daphne de Jong)
Return to Opal Reach (1998) (as by Clarissa Garland)
Summer Seduction (1998)
Wife to a Stranger (1998)
Huntersford (1999) (as by Claire Lorel)
Gather the Wind (1999) (as by Daphne de Jong)
Makeshift Marriage (1999)
His Trophy Mistress (2001)
Shadowing Shahna (2002) (as by Laurey Bright)
Life with Riley (2002) (as by Laurey Bright)
With His Kiss (2003) (as by Laurey Bright)
The Determined Virgin (2003)
Dangerous Waters (2003) (as by Laurey Bright)
Her Passionate Protector (2004) (as by Laurey Bright)
Wed in White (2007) (as by Laurey Bright) (with Cara Colter)
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