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Genres: Literary Fiction
   Pizza Girl (2020)
Jean Kyoung Frazier recommends
Radiant Heat (2024)
Sarah-Jane Collins
"Collins writes with incredible pace and precision, knowing exactly when to bring tension to a roiling boil and when to lower it to a suspenseful simmer. Radiant Heat will hook you with its lively prose and thrilling premise, but it's Collins' unflinching portrayal of a woman in grief and rage that'll make it difficult to forget this complex debut."
Rabbit Hole (2024)
Kate Brody
"From the first line, Brody's novel had its hands around my throat. While Rabbit Hole has the pace and intrigue of a thriller, and brutal and evocative prose, what makes it stand out is its narrator, Brody's refusal to soften her edges or portray her as anything less than a young woman savaged by grief. I followed breathlessly along, both wishing I could stop Teddy's Internet-fueled descent into madness and eagerly awaiting the next dark, delicious corner she'd lead me."
Jonathan Abernathy You Are Kind (2023)
Molly McGhee
"To her debut, McGhee brings a flawless ear for language and a tender hand for character. The world is burning, it's hard to tell dreams from nightmares, but McGhee's novel never crumbles beneath the bleakness of its circumstances. Lively, vacillating between humor and heartbreak at breakneck speeds, Jonathan Abernathy You Are Kind is the rare novel that truly feels like it could've only been written by a single brilliant mind."

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