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Shawn Reilly Simmons is the author of The Red Carpet Catering Mysteries. Shawn was born in Indiana, grew up in Florida, and began her professional career in New York and New Jersey after graduating from the University of Maryland with a BA in English. Shawn has worked as a sales executive, book store manager, fiction editor, convention organizer, and caterer. Cooking behind the scenes on movie sets perfectly combined two of her great loves, film and food, and provided inspiration for her books. Murder on the Red Carpet and Murder on Location are the first two books in her series.

Genres: Cozy Mystery, Mystery
   Murder on the Beach (2021) (with Ritter Ames, Karen Cantwell, Lucy Carol, Barb Goffman, Eleanor Cawood Jones, Shari Randall and Cathy Wiley)
Series contributed to
Malice Domestic
   12. Charlaine Harris Presents Malice Domestic 12 (2017) (with Charlaine Harris, Rita Owen and Verena Rose)
   13. Nancy Pickard Presents Malice Domestic 13 (2018) (with Rita Owen, Nancy Pickard and Verena Rose)
   14. Murder Most Edible (2019) (with Leslie Budewitz, Debra H Goldstein, Parnell Hall, Ellen Larson, Rosemary McCracken, Edith Maxwell, Rita Owen, Josh Pachter, Verena Rose and Harriette Sackler)
   15. Ellen Hart Presents Malice Domestic 15 (2020) (with Ellen Hart, Rita Owen and Verena Rose)
Anthologies edited
   Windward (2016) (with Kimberly Gray, Verena Rose and Harriette Sackler)
   Busted! (2017)
   Noir at the Salad Bar (2017)
   Snowbound (2017) (with Verena Rose and Harriette Sackler)
   Landfall (2018) (with Verena Rose, Harriette Sackler and Angel Trapp)
   Seascape (2019) (with William Ade, Christine Bagley, Michael Bracken, Dames of Detection, Peter W J Hayes, Adam Meyer, Alan Orloff, Janet Raye Stevens and Gabriel Valjan)
   Masthead (2020) (with Verena Rose and Harriette Sackler)