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Peter Fehervari

As a full-time TV editor, Peter Fehervari's life is an eternity of cuts and mixes and the dreams of thirsting producers. When off-duty he frequents caves, abandoned churches and the occasional haunted asylum in pursuit of guerrilla filmmaking. He has been accused of being a fictional character, but insists he is strange but true.

Genres: Science Fiction, Horror
Legends of the Dark Millennium (with Braden Campbell, Andy Chambers, Joe Parrino and Andy Smillie)
   Shas'o (2015)
Series contributed to
Warhammer 40,000
   Fire Caste (2013)
   Fire and Ice (2017)
   Crusade Other Stories (2017) (with others)
   The Greater Evil (2017)
   Cult of the Spiral Dawn (2018)
   Servants Of The Machine God (2018) (with others)
   Requiem Infernal (2019)
   The Thirteenth Psalm (2019)
   The Successors (2022) (with others)
   Aria Arcana (2022)
   Altar of Maws (2023)
   Galaxy of Horrors (2023) (with others)
Warhammer Horror
   19. The Reverie (2020)
   Nightbleed (2020)
   The Accursed (2021) (with others)

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