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Andy Chambers

Andy Chambers is senior vice president for Student Development and professor of Bible at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis. He holds an MDiv and PhD from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has done additional study at Baylor University and Harvard University's Institute for Education Management.
Da Roolz (1997) (with Rick Priestley)
Da Uvver Book (1997) (with R Priestley and Gavin Thorpe (Gav Thorpe))
Wustenwuhlaz (1998) (with Rick Priestley and Gavin Thorpe (Gav Thorpe))
Skavanob (1998) (with Gavin Thorpe (Gav Thorpe))
Warhammer : Dark Eldar
1. Path of the Renegade (2012)
     aka Path of the Dark Eldar
2. Path of the Incubus (2013)
3. Path of the Archon (2014)
The Masque Of Vyle (2013)
Legends of the Dark Millennium (with Braden Campbell, Peter Fehervari, Joe Parrino, Andy Smillie and Various)
Shas'o (2015)
Warhammer 40k : Deathwatch (with David Annandale, Braden Campbell, Andy Clark, Ben Counter, Justin D Hill, Nick Kyme, Ian St Martin, Steve Parker, Anthony Reynolds, Gav Thorpe and Chris Wraight)
Deathwatch Omnibus (omnibus) (2017)
Game Books
Space Marine Battles (1993) (with Jervis Johnson)
Arcomondi Eldar (Codex) (2000) (with Jervis Johnson and Gavin Thorpe (Gav Thorpe))
Armageddon (2000) (with Jervis Johnson and Gavin Thorpe (Gav Thorpe))
Battlefleet Gothic (2000) (with Jervis Johnson and Gavin Thorpe (Gav Thorpe))
Tyranides (Codex) (2001)
Cityfight (2001) (with Pete Haines and Jervis Johnson)
Index Astartes (2002) (with Graham McNeill)
Codex Dark Angels (2003)
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